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Spiritual Awakening Symptoms-Anger

8821225864?profile=RESIZE_584xAnger vs Love

Some people disagree with using anger, as it is a low-frequency emotion. Instead, they say we should use love, kindness and other gentle strength.

If that’s an option, then absolutely.

But for people going through a spiritual awakening, th

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Don't abandon yourself

8540184895?profile=RESIZE_584xArt by Victor Nizovtsev



Don't abandon yourself. Not when you're sick. Not when you're tired. Not when you've lost the thread, the thought, or the thing you thought defined you.

You will die many times in one life and create yourself anew. This is nat

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I am drowning....

I don't know what to do anymore. I am drowning.
My debt is taking all of my paycheck. No bank wants to help me because I have paymentremarks. My boss would if she wasn't scared of Corona, which I understand.
I need a new car, because my won't last this
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