“Shadow Dancing” (the course)

“Shadow Dancing” (the course)
Hosted and presented by:
Priestess Maighread Birdsong


The overview...
This course will be taught in three parts and will deal with aspects of the self that most of us Hu-man
beings prefer to keep hidden. But none the less we ALL have them and there is a great need to deal with
the “shadow” or rather negative aspects of self before one can move on to detoxify ourselves from the
poisonous programs that we have knowingly or unknowingly allowed to penetrate our lives.
Furthermore begin reaching outward and inward for truth and knowledge that is waiting for us on our
journey forward as we take control and become truly sovereign beings. Thereby realizing that we are
all deeply connected through the power of the universe that is part and parcel of all that is. Some may
call this the Goddess/God Chi or prana, it could simply be called “LIFE”!

To begin with we all could use helpful and positive habits or routines to break the chain of demeaning
self talk and vibration lowering actions. Everyone makes mistakes and most everyone self chastises
themselves afterwords.

EXAMPLE: While unloading the dishwasher a favorite coffee cup is dropped. One might instantaneously
shout a phrase like “damn it” or “oh, shit’ neither is helpful and actually brings in the opportunity for
even more negative self talk. Like...
“I should’ve known better than to unload the dishwasher while the dishes are still hot or damp!” Or it
could even become more negative...
“I’m such a klutz!” Or just “I can’t seem to do anything right today!”

This negative self talk can only make things worse and perpetuates more of the same. But keep in mind
that most everyone does this from time to time so don’t beat yourself up even more about it. There are
some simple techniques that one can easily use to counter act this and bring more light, love and clarity
to any situation.

The first part of this course will help to identify the times when we are most likely to react negatively,
and go into more detail about what can be done to help counteract and even prevent us from any
negative self talk in the future.

This course will involve written material, group chat and one on one chat, here on location.
The second part of the course will involve instruction on the techniques needed to deal with negative
energy that may have inadvertently been implanted into the shadow self via negative input of family,
parents, teachers, society or even clergy while growing up and the way that each one has dealt with or
reacted to the input from others.

The third portion will deal with actually integrating the positive techniques to counteract the negativity
as well as some energetic healing that I will offer via reiki attunements and light language codes that will
smooth the path ahead making it a bit easier to transmute anything dark, negative or unhealthy into
something more useful to our individual path. Furthermore to integrate knowledge that it takes time,
effort, unconditional love and forgiveness of self as well as others to accomplish any goal of self
awareness and connection to the truest soul self.

I’m looking forward to meeting and working with all who feel drawn to this course.
Sincerely; Priestess Maighread Birdsong

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  • It is very important to reevaluate our thought process which also effects the physical body. 

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