Healing Crystals for Balancing Yin and Yang Energies



The language of cosmic balance stems from each one of our own spiritual balance, which can be briefed as the effect of yin and yang stability. Yin and Yang are the foundation of the life force, which crystal users harness, control and direct for healing, health, and magic.

What are Yin and Yang Energy

Described as the two halves of Life Force, Yin and Yang symbolize Female and Male energies in nature. Each of us is born with a definite aura and energy that resounds the aura. It is not based on our gender as we all are a mix of yin and yang.

The balance of life is attained when a person can balance both the opposing energies equally. For example, craving for love can be summarized as a pillar of the Reintegration System. Being a female, if I look for a man who is strong or protective, I am actually looking for the masculine qualities of protection and safety. Hence, it is not a strong man that I need but a strong self and integration of the lost yang qualities!  

Benefits of Yin and Yang Balance in Life

Balancing the opposing energies against our natural habits is one of the toughest ordeals to cross. However, if you know how the ideal balance of Yin and Yang affects our lives, you might understand its pivotal importance too!

  • Self Satisfaction
  • Courage
  • Pink of Health
  • Emotional Freedom
  • Self-Confidence
  • Financial Balance
  • Mental Harmony
  • Self Respect
  • Mindful Lifestyle
  • Spiritual Progress

How to Balance Yin and Yang Energies with Healing Crystals

Yin and Yang energies can be balanced with a variety of altered consciousness techniques including meditation, yoga, exercise, dancing, herbal aids, aromatherapy, and gemstones. Unlike all the therapeutic tools, gemstones imbibe a newfound spiritual energy that speeds the yin and yang balancing you need!

Yin Crystals (Left / Feminine)

Renowned as the feminine energies in crystal physics, Yin Crystals symbolizes Moon, Night, Winter, Silence, Earth, Water, Black, Acceptance, Valley, and Softness. The easiest trick to recognize a yin crystal is by observing it as all opaque crystals are feminine!

1.       Sodalite


A gentle gemstone that emanates even gentler energies, Sodalite is a stone of peace that envelops the wearer with soft and compassionate energies! Sodalite clears toxins from your body through a gentle purification process.

2.       Rose Quartz


The comforting gemstone energy that stands for love and compassion, Rose quartz is a gemstone of support. It increases your acceptance towards life and vitality by boosting the higher heart chakra. Rose Quartz is a true mothering stone that emanates energies of divine love and goddesses’ warmth!

3.       Green Aventurine


The master healer of gemstones, Green Aventurine is an excellent crystal that increases your financial independence by presenting new opportunities in life. Wear the green aventurine on your chest and regularly clean it to welcome financial opportunities in life.

4.       Aquamarine


Yet another powerful feminine crystal that improves the Throat chakra of the wearer, Aquamarine increases self-confidence and brings down self-inflicted negativity in life.  In short, wearing aquamarine or programming it with higher chakras eliminates stress and depression in life.

Yang Crystals (Right/ Masculine)

Easily identified as the transparent gemstones, Yang crystals also represent many potent powers. Key symbolisms associated with yang crystals are Sun, Day, Hot, Summer, Hard, Mountain, Resistance, Loud, White, Fire, and Sky.

1.       Citrine


A power masculine gemstone that activates Supreme Power, Citrine activates the Solar Plexus Chakra in addition to the crown and sacral chakras. Citrine decreases your confusions, self-pity, and arrogance by awakening higher and lower chakras together.

Citrine must be worn by those who desire authority and stability in their lives!

2.       Diamond


The Supreme gemstone of a higher power, diamond activates the crown chakra, which the communicative cord with each of our subconscious mind. The divine connection is felt when you meditate with a diamond placed or pointed at your Crown Chakra.

3.       Garnet


The stone of ultimate balance, Garnet decreases misfortunes and miseries by balancing your root chakra. Garnet must be programmed before bed and after waking up with the base chakra to influence the yang energy positively.

4.       Sapphire


Prominently called the second moon, blue sapphires are the best crystals to feel empowered or to harness powers of authority. Sapphire is a throat chakra crystal that improves the confidence and power in the voice of the wearer.

When programmed with the higher chakras, blue sapphire also attracts prosperity and fame to the user!

Balancing Yin and Yang brings many benefits, most of which are already present in your life.
But if you’re missing the miraculous balance of Yin and Yang in your life, gemstones can help you stabilize it effortlessly.




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