Teachings of Losang Zangpo 1

Teachings of Zangpo'Losang

  • 3d3I is dedication, desire, discipline, integrity, intelligence, intensity a key formula for most journeys in life.

  • One can exist, one can survive, or one can live

  • Foolishness is knowing truth, and choosing differently.

  • One repeats a ( karmic ) lesson until one learns from it.

  • For everyone finger one points forward one has three pointing back.

  • To put one down one, one self must be down.

  • Impressions ( especially first ), often can not exist in a vacuum. Often they are comparative. Impressions might contain some element of truth, but might also be very far from reality

  • Much of what passes in the verse is clutter that prevents one from thinking for one's self. Knowledge, one receives from books, classrooms, newspapers, radios, television, etc... are mainly the experiences, and opinions of others. One would be wise to study life, listen to others, weigh their experiences, and/or opinions, but make their own decisions.

  • An entity, energy etc... only have power over one if one allows it.

  • One of integrity realizes the verse owes one nothing.

often times accidents become huge discoveries, mistakes turn to master pieces.


worrying of change often comes from the comfortableness of content or going/sticking with what you know for it generates a safety zone, the other part is often a fear of letting go thinking you will lose something or the next thing wont be great.


i think it is just the way of parenthood. children stress parents out parents stress children out. i think it is possibly a factor that we feel we have to do or be a certain way so it generates that form of stress


people throw away things they need then the apocalypse happens and all that stuff would of been useful hoarders are just Armageddon planners.


i think most of the time growing up we see that our lives don't seem that great at the time but later on we realize it wasn't that bad when we get older.


holding truth is not lying for you have not given a false statement. though some seem to believe it holds the same value.


the biggest problem we have that we don't look for the source ( to see why we are ) but rather just label it as good or bad. until you get to the root you will never understand or free one self.


 lying is protection, protection is one with a fear. if you fear not to lose, or fear what might happen what are you protecting what are lying for.


sometimes we are not with holding or lying but telling the truth as we see it, how we understand it, how we believe it or by the concept of we font know how to put it into words for either oneself or another to understand.


i think when we get get to enraptured into needing more, which becomes stressful. when you look at like the Montana person living off the land they seem more peaceful. Is it possible with less comes more freedom, and with more comes greater imprisonment?

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