Spiritual Awakening Symptoms-Anger

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms-Anger

8821225864?profile=RESIZE_584xAnger vs Love

Some people disagree with using anger, as it is a low-frequency emotion. Instead, they say we should use love, kindness and other gentle strength.

If that’s an option, then absolutely.

But for people going through a spiritual awakening, the vital thing is self-empowerment.

Sometimes, we can stay in situations or remain connected with people because we love them – even though we know we should leave.

It is essential to get this the right way around. You need to love yourself first, so acting with love would give the same result as acting with anger.

However, many people at this stage of spiritual awakening have yet to achieve self-love, so acting with love for them would be staying in the unbearable situation.

As long as it is expressed healthily, using anger during spiritual awakening is an acceptable way of gaining self-empowerment.
Expressing Anger Healthily

Anger is a powerful emotion, but its low vibration gives it some harmful side effects.

It is important to express anger in a healthy way that does good rather than harm.

Use words only to express anger – use wise words that you have thought through! Many things are said in anger that simply aren’t true, just intended to hurt.

Expressing anger healthily is about expressing yourself, telling whoever it is how you feel and what needs to change for you not to feel that way.

Anger is about self-empowerment, but that is power over yourself, not over others.

Use the anger that comes with the early stages of spiritual awakening to free yourself of the shackles of passivity and take back control over your destiny.

So thank you Spiritual Unite 🙂

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