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I have heard Hecate brings changes and transformation in ones lives. Every time things change in your life. Is this true ? I don't work with Her .I work with Lilith. Sometimes I do a tarot card reading. For myself or other people it shows Hecate is s

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Need help

I need a spell to remove a friend from my apartment. I helped him when he was Homeless . I have talked to him a number of times. I don't want to get the landlord involved. I was advised by a fellow witch to do Magick to remove him. Any advice what ki

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Ritual Ethics Question

I have a question about gifts that nature has been giving me. In the last 5-6 days I have been gifted 3 greathorn owl feathers, 1 blue jay feather, 1 mourning dove eggshell, and a bright green garter snake tried to follow me into my house. I have bee

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I would like some input on this please. my cat Oreo was on way out. His breathing was slow and his body was getting cold. He was hardly moving and his breathing was almost non existent. Then he stopped breathing his body started to get stif. His body

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