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Rain Roleplay

The Shy Guy that goes Buh Bye, to lie and ask what's the count?

Then you turn around, like ur frown, may you be at peace.

In other words, talk is cheap when addressing a wolf in lamb's clothing.

Thas when you show ur hand, you regret not foldin

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The (Sol)ar God

The deranged and to be insane, the logic of the Pinky and the Brain.

To massage the membrane, to inherit the fortune and fame.

But fame comes with a price, it's important to be the new you.

Thas why ur twinflame equates to the number numeral two.

In love

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The Undead

Darth Nihilus portrait oil painting

Havin' to (Bag)hdad with riches from rags.

Hold up a minute while we fix this lag.

And of course, if ur not 1st ur always last.

So now we understand that this is a tall task.

To inherit the grass, but not the Mary Jane.

And indulge in fame, t

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Tyre Drops

Went from local to state, now we nation wide.

The World is mine, and sponsored by Show Time.

This the House of Lies, to live in a haunted crib.

And it was Eve, not Lilith's rib.

Now it's the que, and we patiently waiting.

And with ur Tyre Drops, it's fina

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The Dark (RA)inbows: Oz

The untitled unknown, to own, to shine.

The rhyme that's mine, "Baby hit me one more time!"

To see thru the eyes, to be born of bread?

My staple is corn, but my body is dead.

With pure thoughts within my only struggle.

Havin to cuddle? You're sadly mist

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What's ur wish, the Jadakiss?

To Christen while you listen, now listen up.

We at the top with the Papa Doc.

And you forgot to check the time on the clock.


To cash in on the check, and you look upset.

And for it to resonate, you have to sunset.

To win t

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Welcome to my YouTube podcast, Bump in the Night.  The following links are links to videos that can be found on the Bump in the Night Playlist, listed by title/topic.  It seemed better to leave a link to each video rather than uploading videos on th

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The (Bar)s Blood Omen


To raise the stakes and the bar.

In a far, far land away, this is the Eastern Peak.

And is this flow Creep or Blueberry Crip?

I lie when lit, is this 9 Trey at the hip?

To answer the Q, but too cute for school.

This the Rule of Two with the AI Shoe.

And n

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The Bearded Lord



The ripple effect with lies in check.

The check that's signed, to align the lines.

To tip tow on a line, the 7-11 shine.

And it was the Bearded Lord that turned water into wine.

And for you to whine, and drown your sorrows.

To borrow your sol? Today is

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The Cushite Empire


To do the I do to avoid the Blue's Clue.

Her reflection is me, and this is her.

As in you, as in me, the surname of a Levitcal Priest.

To increase the peace, the Gemini Man, and she's my OnlyFans.


This the Cushite Clan, to be born from the sands, and we

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On the low, low, back up flow, this the Show.

Got to go, go, yo, to walk, you's a dog.

To call when called, to fall, you's a clown.

And this ain't lost and found, and now it's my town.

Now time to bring the heat and bless the spiritual serm.

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Lord Dracul: Mars

To Total Recell, to prophecy the "fall".

To tele on the snitch, to switch, and now I'm rich!

Hit Em Up, the Tin Cup, to match the 2pac.

Did that bar knock off ur socks?

And she is ablaze, the flame, her wonderland is hot.

And thas when the s

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Update on my situation

Update on my situation. I did a ritual to Lilith during the Eclipse. Lilith gave me the strength to face my abuser and I successfully moved out. This abusive Family member was just trying to pick a fight as I am moving . I She said I seemed cold and

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Lord Barbatos

Minerval Degree (8) Owl of Moloch.


The Welbutrin that seduces the ADHD love.

To inherit the Neptune, for you to tune in.

Rules that we bend in our political affairs.

And is this Carebear? This is Fair Lakes.

On to the next bar, are you confused?


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Nurgell May Cry (II)


The Hannah Montana.

Her hue is banana.

The Diddy Kong of an era.

What is fair?


The fair share poll.

The Beast has one goal.

You go all in then fold.

And now I have ur sol.


Now ur sol, I cremated.

The 90s soap opera is outdated.

And the Elohim, the whore, the

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