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What is dark paganism?

There are some who find comfort in the shadows,
Who strive to comprehend the mysteries,
Who find solace in the silence of a winter night,
Who sing softly to the crone.

We are the Dark Pagans, children of the Dark Mother.

So often darkness is associated

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Different degrees of witchcraft



In many traditions First Degree

In many covens, it is traditional for a new initiate to wait a year and a day before they can be granted their First Degree ranking. During this time, the initiate studies and typically follows a lesson plan designate

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13 steps to paganism



There's a lot of information out there for seekers who are interested in Wicca and other forms of Paganism, and it can be a little overwhelming to sort through it all. This 13-step study guide will help you build a basic framework for your studies

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9 Greek muses  Ancient Greece  The Nine Muses of Greek Mythology and Their Powers

According to ancient Greek mythology, the Muses are the sources of inspiration for all of the arts and of knowledge. The daughters of Zeus and Mnemosine, they were

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Goddess Sophia prayers

To the
Divine Feminine

Mother of the Light, may you reign as a Goddess of Wisdom within my soul.
Be present for me now and in every moment of eternity.
Take my hand and lead me to the Birthing Light of God within me,
for there shall I find my

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Lion's Gate 8/8/21

✨✨✨Lionsgate Portal 8:8✨✨✨
Lionsgate is a celestial and physical alignment between Earth and Cosmic, Galactical bodies. At the peak of Lionsgate on 8/8, Earth directly lines up with the Sun, Galactic Center, Sirius & Orion's Belt. We aslo
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Your Daily Tarot Cards ~ Let it go


  • Yep, it's regrettable, what you lost. It's sad, and you have probably gone over all the morbid grisly details in your mind a million times, needlessly getting a little weepy and morose at the reflection. But there it is, like a bad tattoo. You can't
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Coyote creates the Earth

Coyote Creates the Earth
Legends of the Cree

Long ago there was no earth, only water. Coyote was floating around on a small raft when he met the ducks. They were the only other creatures.
"My brothers," he said, "there is no one else around. It is n

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Egg cleansing


Spiritual egg cleansing is an effective ritual that gets rid of negative energy from the body and the environment. Whenever you feel like there is bad energy surrounding you, just do an egg cleansing to k dnow what is wrong. A special

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Lilith arch type

“The Lilith archetype In ancient texts we are told Lilith was the first woman created, and that she was banished from the garden of Eden because she refused to submit to her husband Adam. The story surrounding this tale has been interpreted many time

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Happy Beltane!

8875100277?profile=RESIZE_710xWe are celebrating Beltane May 1st!  We are half way in between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.  This is one of my favourite holidays.  The fire festive of love.  Today we celebrate the marriage of the God and Goddess.  This energy tends

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April's Pink Moon April 26-27



"The Moon is the first milestone on the road to the stars."
- Arthur C. Clarke -


April's Pink Moon is one of the biggest and brightest Moons of this year. April's Pink Moon will brighten up the night skies on April 26-27.


It won't be the brightest Mo

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Spiritual Awakening Symptoms-Anger

8821225864?profile=RESIZE_584xAnger vs Love

Some people disagree with using anger, as it is a low-frequency emotion. Instead, they say we should use love, kindness and other gentle strength.

If that’s an option, then absolutely.

But for people going through a spiritual awakening, th

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Pagan origins of Valentine's day


Among the most ancient and mysterious Roman holidays, the veil of distant history cloaks this rather boisterous pagan festival.

The ancient festivities began and ended between February 13th-15th.

Reputed as “The Original Valentine’s Day,” Lup

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