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  • Absolutely. The trick is that they also have a much more highly developed sense of hearing and smelling and seeing of natural things.They can hear termites muncing away or a mouse's heartbeat thrugh the wall. They see the dust particles we miss. Figuring out if they are just seeing something perfectly  mundane that we can't or something on the sirit level would be key there.

  • I do believe that animals can sense and see spirits. I have had some experience with this. I lived with a specific spirit once long ago for 19 years, I had a small dog and A German Shepard that both lived inside, but they were not scared of the spirit and neither were me and my children. The tv and other appliances would come on by themselves and the dogs would bark and wag their tails and look up at something for a while. Eventually, both dogs passed and it broke my heart, but the spirit remained. 












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