Your rights as a witch

The witches federal law memorandum. ISSUE 1 Witchcraft is recognized in the United states as a Legitimate religion in 1985 .Dettmer vs Landon .The district court of Virginia pursuant 52 a of the federal rules of civil procedure ruled that witchcraft is a legitimate religion and falls within a recognized religious category in 1986 the federal appeals court fourth circuit Butzner J Affirmed the Decision. Since in most cases federal law even case law supersedes state law in this type of matter. The Affirmation by judge Butzner clearly sets witchcraft as a religion. UNDER the protection of Constitutional rights. The church of wicca is a clearly a religion for first Amendment purposes .Issue 2 The first Amendment of the United states CONSTITUTION guarantees the right to freedom of religious belief. THE USCA states that a practice is a religion. Const Amendment 1 civil rights act of 1964 -701 etseq,717 as amended . Issue 3 The equal protection clause Guaranteed to all people and groups. If one group is protected so is all groups. Witch craft is a religion and it's under the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. Issue 4 This Constitution and the laws of the united states which shall be made in pursuance therefore and all treaties made or which shall be made under the Authority of the united state.Shall be the supreme law of the land and judges in every state should be bound. NO WITCH can be denied his /her civil liberties and right to be a witch open and free in any state of the land , within the para meters of the law. In Conclusion Witch craft is a legally recognized religion in the united states. Witches are entitled to every right and protection for freedom of Religion. Including freedom from Harassment and prejudice. The United states Constitution under the first and 14th Amendments. Lawyers and law enforcement agencies have the obligation to protect the rights of all people of religious endeavors . No matter what they may be without bias or prejudice.

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