Your Daily Tarot Cards ~ Let it go


  • Yep, it's regrettable, what you lost. It's sad, and you have probably gone over all the morbid grisly details in your mind a million times, needlessly getting a little weepy and morose at the reflection. But there it is, like a bad tattoo. You can't get rid of it, you'll never be able to hide it, and there will be many things in life that may be a reminder of this fiasco. However, it would be a crying shame if this past event and the regret that goes with it shadows and taints your future.


  • It's in the past. It's behind you. But you might feel as though it follows you wherever you go... into every new relationship, into every new venture. The thing is, life goes on and you'll be making new connections and new memories to go along with it. How awful it would be if every new memory is tainted with a past memory, laced with regret. If this is the case, new-found happiness will always feel shallow and incomplete, and you will never feel fully satisfied. You can't be happy with one foot in the past, longing for what you lost, guilty for the way things turned out. It is what it is, it was what it was.


  • Give it a rest. Let it go. If you won't or can't do this, don't expect your future to unfold in grand and wonderful adventures of bliss and happiness. If you can't or won't move on... you'll be cursed to carry the mold and stench of the past with you on your journey through life. And how unfortunate for anyone you may decide to start a new connection with. They'll be forced to carry the mold and stench with them as well.



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