Wax Seal Charms

From simple love spells to glamours and hexes, wax seal charms are a powerful and versatile tool for any witch’s arsenal. Small, completely customizable, inconspicuous, and easy to hide, these simple charms are useful for nearly any type of magick.


First, you will need a smooth, relatively flat work surface that can withstand heat (I used the bottom of a ceramic bowl). Fold a small envelope from a square of paper. You want the envelope to be the same size as or smaller than the wax seal to ensure complete wax coverage.


Next, write your intent (or draw a sigil) on the inside of the envelope. Keep it simple or write very small.


You can add a small pinch of herbs (or a taglock) if you like, but try not to use too much or the charm won’t flatten and may not seal correctly.


Once you’ve added your herbs, fold the envelope shut. You may need to squish it a little to keep it closed.


Pour your wax over the envelope, making sure to cover any open edges, and place your stamp in the molten wax. Apply light pressure for a few moments and then allow to cool.


Once completely cool, remove your stamp and peel the charm off your work surface.


And voila! A small, portable charm that can easily be slipped into a purse or wallet unnoticed.




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