I'm blogging this instead of adding it to the group first. There's not enough people there to see it. We must save teh reamining 12 of these beautiful animals!

From Captain Paul Watson:

Sea Shepherd's Operation Milagro is the Only Hope for the Vaquita

We are making progress. The estimate last year was there were only 12 Vaquita remaining.

I am confident that the key to preventing the extinction of the Vaquita is to continue to search out and to confiscate these illegal gill nets.

It is hard, dirty and dangerous work but the only thing standing between the Vaquita and extinction are the crews on board Sea Shepherd ships working each day to patrol the Vaquita Refuge.

We can win this fight and we can prevent the extinction of the world's smallest and most endangered cetacean.

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  • One Crow, next time put it in the group.  THEN POST IT HERE TOO with the group link(besides info link)on the bottom.  that way you get your point accross and advertise the group too.

    • Great idea ty hun Smile.gif

  • Owner

    Frown.gif This is so sad, like the lonely whale cry when he/she is the only one left in the world " To still keeps crying for its own kind and a mate " Nothing hurts my heart so much when I heard and read this. 



    • I agree hun.  It's something that never should have happened. I know with only around 12 left the odds are stacked against them, and it really makes me cry.   Thank you for viewing, and for these pics. Hugsss!

    • People are essentially selfish, and don't stop to think of the consequences down the road.


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