The Tarot Astrology Forcast May 2022 shows the influence of the Strength Card

and our interior forces on the Zodiac signs.

Learn what the Tarot has to say specifically for your Sign.


The Arcana of the Month: The Card of Strength

The Force, or Strength, Card in Tarot is a letter of courage, internal strength, and the ability to survive in an entirety. If we understand its message, we will access our energy source and change our general attitude toward our life. When The Strength Card appears at a reading, it’s time to get in touch with your interior forces. We are talking about your own “battery” that gives energy to your actions. How have you used this precious and divine energy that drives your life?

If you need to face a moment of difficulty or challenge, this Arcana suggests that you realize how the attitudes or thoughts you are presenting are wasting your vital energy.


Important Astrological Aspects

In May, everything around him will bloom. Not only nature, but especially interpersonal relationships, and for those who are very enthusiastic, even your personal career.

This reveals the horoscope for May 2022. During this period, you will feel a strong influence from the stars, for example, in love. One part of this is even in the subconscious and in people’s genetics.

Many trans formations await so many of you throughout the month. They will be felt more by Aries,

Sagittarius, and Leo, who must be careful with intemperate reactions during this period, which you may regret.

Remember that most things need to be observed at a distance to understand their meanings. Jupiter will strongly influence the first fortnight of the month in Pisces. You will feel better recluse, surrounded only by your thoughts. This can give space to internalize and find the balance that is the secret of a happy life.

On the other hand, due to other circumstances, personal development can get a little out of hand but do not despair. This year, we will have improved months for this purpose.


The Strength Card’s Influence on the Tarot Astrology Forecast May 2022 for Each Zodiac Sign


Tarot Astrology Forecast May 2022 – ARIES



The omens are successful, success, and prosperous. There will be unexpected promotions and profits. Have confidence in continuous progress, in addition to expected. There is potential for some perfect union and commercial society. There will be energy for correct planning, honor, character, and concise thoughts about your goal. Go ahead.

There are paths open to your longing for new life and independence, but if you know someone now, it may be that there is still no intention of future plans together. However, there will be options and a lot of inspiration and creativity if they are slowly and without expectations.





It is a positive time to become aware of your possessive impulses. Also, uncover your emotional demands and attachments. Don’t surrender to the fear of losing (anyone or anything). Just strengthen the faith that what is truly yours will remain despite any crisis. It is often limiting beliefs that prevent us from seeing the potential for wholeness and happiness. Try to relax and let things flow naturally.

The opening to new experiences will occur after a phase of resumption of emotional balance. Open yourself up to the desire to travel and meet new friends and new love interests. It will soon be possible. For those who are married, invest in dreams of traveling together or moving to a place where harmony and stability could be easily achieved.



TAROT CARD – THE POPE (The Hierophant)


The Pope indicates that it will be helpful for you to pay your debts or release yourself from all obligations. There will be a period where you can find a certain ability to reach goals and achievements in the medium term.

Soon there will be a possible promotion and the opening to new opportunities, maybe even a new job offering or a new position. But to reach these opportunities, it is now worth closing pending issues and focusing on the essence of your purpose. Give your dreams and ideas a chance.


Tarot Astrology Forecast May 2022 – CANCER



Fool means a complete renewal of enthusiasm and impulse to live. There will be courage and impetus for all that is new. And a lot of creativity. Just beware of neglect and distraction.

The omens indicate the definitive end of tense and problematic situations. There will be the fulfillment of the word and promises. Good negotiations or associations may arise with a successful and satisfactory result. You will achieve the realization of a professional or a personal project with productivity.





Efforts will be rewarded if willpower and energy are channeled to the most medium and long-term results. The paths will be opened with chances for personal victories and success when dealing with provocations and conflicts.

There will soon be good contracts and the desired change.

You will find support in your popularity, manifesting the power to overcome obstacles. There will be good news and luck as long as you balance the impulsiveness of your actions and instincts.

Visualize the moment of celebration and recognition for great and social accomplishments. Applause, group support, family group, or society. Expansion. Plenty of features and results with benefits for everyone.



TAROT CARD – THE DEATH10456089885?profile=RESIZE_400x


The card announces a deep desire for change that may be difficult at the moment, but it will find a natural way to manifest. Try to regain power by transforming habits and solving problems and obstacles. Opening paths, I start over with a harbinger of prosperity. All change is painful and sometimes irreversible. There is no longer the previous power and control. Just the essence to find a new life. The most important thing is to move towards the future.

The stars favor thinking about moving to another activity with a deep spiritual sense and self-knowledge and beginning productive activities such as writing, and art inspired by inspiration. There are no obstacles or problems.

Any loss will be due to a lack of planning if there is any loss. But the Major Arcana indicates the full condition to revert to your favor.

If there is a lack of resources to accomplish something, it is important to accept help with planning and problem management. Or even avoid insisting on this path. Instead, try to opt for other points of view or even another activity, and creative problem solving will emerge.


Tarot Astrology Forecast May 2022 – LIBRA



The Arcane Tower reveals unexpected change and loss, or changes made at a loss. Debts are generated by precipitation, denial, misfortune, difficulty, or unexpected suspension. It is the breaking of something that we deem important, being personal projects, relationships, and circumstances—or promoting a radical and unexpected change. There is no continuity of facts. However, this letter reveals the unstable situation we are all going through during the pandemic. But, of course, it could just be fear.

Also, there will be effort and patience skills. The potential is to maintain activities and persist until the end, resulting in success.





There is great potential today for sincerity and affection. Invest in your self-esteem and self-love. Pursue the deep values of honesty, integrity, love, and deep admiration without dependence and with self-sufficiency. You will find authenticity, objectivity, and direct communication. Reveal to the world what you need, and you will find it.

The moment favors the search for emotional balance, true affection, and inner peace. For this, the bit of isolation can favor spiritual development. For those who are single at the moment, invest in self-care, in a slow search, and opt for the choice of a deeper relationship, with a certain distance and reserve—no need to hurry anything.





At the moment, there is great potential for news, surprises, and changes. An unusual proposal will appear soon. Open up to innovation, improvement, development, promotion, and new offerings. Discoveries will emerge, and there will be troubleshooting for your old issues.

This means that old problems will be solved. With effort and hard work, there will be satisfying results. There is possible antagonism that will be overcome. Have willingness and a lot of faith to solve obstacles. Do not change the objectives, and the desired goal is correct and possible. There may also be a new job opportunity.


Tarot Astrology Forecast May 2022 – CAPRICORN



There will be slow progress and the obstacles of the moment are surmountable. There may be some delays due to bureaucracy in business and contracts. Invest in prudence and reserve in action, deals and contracts have the power to be well prepared, and your willpower will be rewarded.

The meeting or meeting of a person who practices support and help may occur at their convenience. For example, someone generous, financially well, but with a tendency to dominate, creating a relationship of exchange of favors.





The moment demands the need for appeasement and moderation in appetites and passions. Invest in calm, balance, sobriety, restraint, parsimony, and temporality. There is tranquility or boredom. So invest in self-care, and in a few days, the news will come.

If you are looking for someone, the paths are open for the appearance of an intelligent, social, and very communicative person. Open up to friendships!

Invest in virtue, faithfulness, and dedication. Even if the hard times are causing the suppression of desire, inhibition, the hidden resentments will be fleeting. Don’t surrender to the fear of surrender, lack, or heartache. Avoid the fear of saying what you feel or questioning to preserve harmony. This could strain the relationship further down the road. Open yourself to dialogue.

Today there is potential for energies of joy, warmth, affection, charisma, harmony, satisfaction, enthusiasm, and deep love—happiness through true union, with sincerity, security, and stability. Invest in personal charm and sparkle through messages and conversations. The libido will be in words.





The moment favors reassessment and care. First, prioritize the definition of pending issues and a possible change by your own decision. The need is for strategic skills, thoughtfulness, detachment, and searching for some truth through rational and balanced thinking. Then, apply impartial assessment through unbiased ethical principles, diplomacy, and intelligence.

For work, arcane justice is excellent for hiring and stability. On the other hand, if it is the destination, there may be an evaluation and a result of closing or increasing the position. Think about whether you are going to redo the plans in the place where you are or if you are going to plead a new opportunity. The time is now.

There is a gift or the beginning of something that will be a success. There are open paths to receiving investments, chances, and opportunities by affinity. You will get satisfaction, faith, and a feeling of synchronicity. Invest in emotional intelligence and intuitive assertiveness. There will be a positive result in the long run.


by Liane Buck

Creatrix from Sirius. Fairly Odd Mother of Saints (Bernards). Fish Tank aficionado by day ninja by night. Liane is also the Editor-in-Chief of OMTimes Magazine, Co-Founder of Humanity Healing International and Humanity Healing Network, and a Board Member of Saint Lazarus Relief Fund.

Source: https://omtimes.com/2022/04/tarot-astrology-forecast-may-2022




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