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  • These people all care about is money , money,  and more money. The Hell with the environment. I used to work at Medrad. They made medical equipment for all hospitals but since Monsanto bought it the trend is to make more chemicals. Some of the products are Roundup, and phosphates that kills the bees and harms us all. When the run off of these chemicals ends up in the rivers we drink the water. There are water treatment plants but you know that these dangerous chemicals slowly build up in our bodies and do you notice  the cancer rates continue to go up. Sad


  • I just dont get how ignorant some are about our resources!

  • Yes, it is. Very sad. 

  • Aweful

  • This is so sad. I worry one the day all of the fish in the ocean will start to disappear for greed and not giving a damn about the ocean and the environment.

    • I understand Mystic.  I worry for the same reasons. That's why SSCS is so important to me. We will never give up!

      Sea Sheppard"They are trying to intimidate us, but they obviously don't know who we are!" This attitude only reinforces our determination!"

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