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I have a question about gifts that nature has been giving me. In the last 5-6 days I have been gifted 3 greathorn owl feathers, 1 blue jay feather, 1 mourning dove eggshell, and a bright green garter snake tried to follow me into my house. I have been going thru a really awful time and had asked that I connect with my Dad which i absolutely did (he passed away last year). Ive been given some realy clearity on my ritual work for solstice. Heres the question: is it okay to use these items in my ritual work or do i return them to nature. Its very unclear to me the right thing to do. Can I use them if i return them to nature after like the feathers? My ritual calls for eggshell but it would be basically destroyed further in the ritual. Looking for some experienced guidance. Thanks for reading

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  • Use those feathers, and then keep them and use them in ritual any time you want to. They are a gift. Also, feathers are used "a lot" being an element of air, they are used for communication and confirmation or a message to you from the spirit realm. I do believe your question is being answered by the syncronicity of the feathers. They want to say, "I hear you", or "there is a message from beyond or an angel. I think it's great! Very loving! lol. I think your dad hears you loud and clear with that many feathers! lol. He's with you Kacey, he's with you :)))) Talk to him any time, as long as there aren't others around to think your crazy. Tell him anything. Leave offerings for him. Leave him fathers day cards and his favorite food he liked or drink, along side a white jar candle. Leave him a flower you found or picked. He'll love it. :))

  • Thank you for all the comments. I have decided to keep them I continue to get feathers every few days. My mom has late stage Alzheimer's and is in hospice care right now. I have no doubt these feathers are from my Dad letting me know he's around. It's been bringing me much comfort.

  • I'd first check the laws of your state before deciding. If someone with a bug up their bakside discovers you picked up a feather not allowed to be owned then they might turn you in. I don't know if it's worth it to keep such things even by religious convictions if it's going to get you in legal trouble. I tend not to pick them up but leave them for the birds to line their nests with. If I decide I really, really need a feather I'll check a farm for chicken, goose or duck feathers or check with a friend with pet birds for extras if they should loose any. I don't know if a pet store might keep them but that could be an option as well.

     All that said, if you already own these things then I'd say go ahead. If you already have them you might as well use them if you feel called to.


  • These are gifts given to you, so in my opinion, yes you should use them and keep the feathers in a special place. I have feathers that were gifted to me and I keep all of them.

  • It sounds to me that these items were gifted to you, at the time you needed them...follow your own instincts, but oh what gifts! :-)

    You could include thanks to whatever deity/higher power you are drawn to, for those gifts.

    Blessings xxx

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