Names: Naamah, Maamah, Nahema, Nehema, Na-Ama-Hema, Ha-Nahemoth, Naome, Lilith Ulemta, Ardat-Lili
Direction: North (Primary); Northwest (Secondary); East (Tertiary); South
Zodiac: Taurus (Primary); All Earth Signs
Planet: Moon; Venus; Earth (Primary)
Color: Yellow, Black
Musical Key: F
Date: April 30; May 14; Winter
Day: Tuesday Night (Right Before Wednesday)
Tarot: Hierophant; Empress; Queen of Disks/Pentacles
Pathway: 21/31 (Nahemoth-Gamaliel)
Animal: Bull, Dog, Owl, Serpent, Lamb, Sow, Goat, Rhinoceros, Dove
Element: Earth (Primary); Water (Secondary); Fire (Tertiary)
Gematria: 165
Qlipha: Nahemoth (Black Earth)
Attributions: Lily, Garnet, Olive, Wheat, Peach, Fig, Vervain, Mallow, Sandalwood, Pearl, Coral, Glass, Almond, Musk, Sapphire, Honeysuckle, Lemon, Coriander, Bismuth, Watercress, Copper, Myrtle, Dittany of Crete, Hashish, Aphrodisiacs, Patchouli, Vertivert, Rose, Spinach, Fuchsia, Clover, Red Brass, Mistletoe, Iris, Quartz, Hyacinth, Lilac, Cherry, Myrrh, Benzoin, Carnelian, Clover, Green Lapis, Oak, Black Copal, Periwinkle, Daisy, Apple, Rose, Thyme, Verbena, Ivy, Ambergis, Corn, Willow, Pansy, Cereals, Storax

Source: VK Jehannum

Artwork: instagram: apocalypse_tapestry

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