Medicine woman


The Medicine Woman is
one of the most forgotten
and suppressed female
archetypes in human history.

She is the witch,
the wise woman,
the visionary, the seer,
the intuitive, the healer,
the sexual priestess,
and the truth-holder.

She holds the gifts of
energy, healing and
expanded consciousness.

She sees the past and future
and sees deep into the hearts
of others.

Her passion is to serve
and restore harmony,
balance and healing to
Humanity and the Earth.

She is the aspect of us
that is ready to return as
part of a greater Human

In our pre-patriarchal past,
during arguable hundreds
of thousands of years, the
Medicine Woman occupied
an celebrated position in
her society.

She served her community in all
parts of the globe in myriad ways
as witch, shaman, wise woman, midwife,
herbalist, oracle, priestess, seer
sacred dancer and queen.

© Diana Beaulieu


May the Medicine Woman
arise in ourselves and in
the world. We need her
more than ever! 🔥🖤

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