Lion's Gate 8/8/21

✨✨✨Lionsgate Portal 8:8✨✨✨
Lionsgate is a celestial and physical alignment between Earth and Cosmic, Galactical bodies. At the peak of Lionsgate on 8/8, Earth directly lines up with the Sun, Galactic Center, Sirius & Orion's Belt. We aslo have a New Moon in Leo's majestic vibration, this will help to bring a more magical significant impact. On earth, the alignment happens exactly in the location of the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. There is a massive energy portal that opens up, a vortex from the star system Sirius. It is a kind of cosmic/celestial convergence that allows a huge wave of light from the galactic centre to come down to us on earth. The galactic centre is considered a highly charged energy point & the spiritual heart of our Galaxy.
When this portal opens up, it will offer a great surge of energy. The Great Central Sun will be extra energized and powerful, and radiate super light waves and high energy codes to raise our love and light vibrations. The combination of such powerful light from both the warm, nourishing, Sun and the energy strong Sirius star system (and keeping in mind that Sirius is known as the Spiritual Sun), and with the Galactic Central Sun means that this Trinity of celestial bodies will unite to create a massive influx of light and cosmic energy.
The activation of the sun brings in amplified sun energy which is intensified also by the fire energy that is harnessed from Leo, being a fire star sign. While fire is a wild and destructive force, it also is an agent of change, regeneration, transmutation and transformation. Fire energy is also about action, passion and the eager reawakening of power, a major Lionsgate theme. Fire promotes rebirth. Through its powerful transmutative process, it allows something new, pure and even stronger to arise, like the phoenix rising from the ashes.
On a spiritual level, Sirius plays a cosmic role in helping us with our evolution, and in receiving exponential bursts of high frequency energy that activates, illuminates and expands our consciousness in our individual and collective awakening process. At the time of the peak of the Lionsgate, the link between the two worlds is strongest, and something to be revered. Some believe that this boost of energy directly from Sirius activates new 'light codes' - from the star beings there. ​These powerful, divinely orchestrated energy waves are said to contain mega light codes to help us with our personal and collective evolution. It is like an access point, opening a powerful doorway of knowledge, wisdom and high energy.
Lion energy as well as the star sign Leo is about asserting yourself and developing your inner and outer power and spiritual prowess. It calls you to rise above, have good self esteem, be strong and stand up for your convictions. The wisdom of the lion lies in listening to your heart and being calm and wise before taking action. It calls you to go into your heart to access your more instinctual intuition and this will greatly aid in any decision making. Lions are strong, solid and grounded to earth. They hold and anchor their place, position and space through their powerful, commanding presence. So follow their example. Be sure to look after your energy body by performing daily grounding, clearing and protection. Clear your chakras and particularly focus on your solar plexus and heart center today.
The number 8 sideways signifies the powerful infinity symbol. ​8 as a number represents power, strength, infinity, wisdom, luck and balance, It is also about divine connection, awareness and rebirth. The Lionsgate is about bring us into self awareness and transmuting old fears. It is about the development of inner strength and your own self fortitude, by embracing and becoming empowered and sovereign. It is about coming into your own truth, your true soul essence. It reminds us of our divinity and full spiritual potential, and helps you re-awaken your cosmic connection & sense of eternal, soul level sovereignty. You will also likely feel more inspired and creative - its a wonderful time to express yourself spiritually and creatively. The whole theme of power also reminds us that we have all the power and might within us and that we can call for action with our willpower, intention, high creativity and connection. Welcome in this lion fire energy and allow it to do what it needs to do in order for the transformation to take place. Release, Open Up and Rise Above.
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