Lilith arch type

“The Lilith archetype In ancient texts we are told Lilith was the first woman created, and that she was banished from the garden of Eden because she refused to submit to her husband Adam. The story surrounding this tale has been interpreted many times, from a variety of perceptions. Basically, her refusal to become subservient angered God, so he sent angels to convince her to return home. It’s said that after her disobedience, she was cursed with demonic form and became the night creature we now know of. The patriarchy of the time portrayed her as evil, to be rejected and to be feared. A woman who only desired equality, had her image destroyed by men who sought to suppress and dominate feminine energy. The archetype of this Goddess is one of pure strength, of absolute fierceness, of true independence, of utter rebellion, and of alchemical passion. A real force of nature in female form. A Lilith is authentic. She doesn’t conform to any standards others may place on how a lady should be. And why should she? She already knows her strange ways make up the rawness she is. A Lilith isn’t subordinate to anyone but herself, she’s her own hierarchy. In her sovereignty, she’s wild but she is refined. She knows submitting is unnecessary, that true power is never given from others but earned from within. A Lilith is an intuitive and insightful woman. With her cognition gathered from the densest of planes her mysticism is limitless and ever expanding. In dimensions deemed unfit for lesser evolved souls and forbidden to most, she emerged with knowledge and gifts given to her by the gods. A Lilith is a totally unpredictable storm. She’s not all calm waters and warmth, she has no fear of tapping into the forces of destruction. Often flying under the radar, when she surfaces she tears down and eliminates those obstructing the flow of life. She is chaos in human form, bringing death to all who seek to conquer her. A Lilith is a witch. She’s not from the typical spiritual community of love and light, because darkness is what strengthens her and enables her gifts so she embraces it.” The Wild Divine Feminine art: Rossetti’s Lilith in 1866 Mazeylotus Dark Goddess Black Moon

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