How to Use Your Sun Sign for Healing

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Each of the twelve zodiac signs overcome life challenges and heal in different ways. Every sign is blessed with specific personality traits that help them overcome pain, disappointment, betrayal, and loss. Some signs heal differently than others, but each sign has special abilities they can call upon to help foster greater resiliency


Fire Signs
The fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius all share an inner drive that motivates them to focus on the positive parts of life. They have a desire to feel alive and move forward towards new and exciting goals. They like action and movement, so they often distract themselves by keeping busy and focusing on activities outside themselves. They need social experiences and people around them to heal. Getting connected to their emotions and inner world is an important part of the healing process for them.

Arians are impulsive, passionate, and driven. Being the first sign of the zodiac makes them focused on getting their own needs met first. Arians heal by acting on their gut instincts and being physically active. They like doing things on their own because they are self-reliant. When Arians are struggling many people close to them would never even know. They heal by opening up and allowing themselves to be vulnerable with those they trust. Overcoming the tendency to do everything on their own and controlling self-centered behaviors helps them heal. Other people can be supportive and provide a listening ear, give wise advice, and help encourage Aries. Focusing more on others, accepting support and developing stronger relationship bonds help Aries heal faster than if they charged ahead on their own.

Leos are social, affectionate, and charming. They crave attention and need other people in their lives. Leos heal by accepting their gifts without a need for praise from the outside world. Being recognized is nice, but Leo's benefit by allowing those around them to be recognized for their creativity, achievements, and abilities as well. They don't have to always be in the limelight. When Leos learn that they can shine on their own without the need for acceptance from others they will heal. Leos need to feel loved and enjoy romance more than any other sign. Leos have the heart of a child and like excitement, passion, and fun in relationships but struggle with commitment. When Leos put effort into maintaining relationships after the excitement, romance, and emotional highs wear off, they will heal difficulties experienced with maintaining friendships and intimate partnerships.

Sagittarians are one of the most optimistic signs. They have a natural ability to encourage others to see the silver lining in the worst situations. But when it comes to their own lives, they heal by being outdoors, traveling, and having the freedom to do what they want. Physical activity, mental movement, and adventure are healing for Sagittarians. They are typically happy, upbeat, and positive, but sometimes they can be impacted by challenging life situations. When this happens, they overcome and heal by experiencing gratitude and appreciating the blessings in their life. They overcome negative feelings and heal faster than most signs.


Air Signs
The air signs Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini all handle emotional difficulties by analyzing things and mentally picking apart their emotions. They are excellent at communicating and giving others advice but find it challenging to get in touch with their own inner feelings. Air signs are intellectual and are often naturally detached from emotions. They are more comfortable with facts, knowledge, and ideas.

Libras are natural peacemakers and dislike conflict. Healing comes for Libras when they learn to put themselves first instead of catering to the needs of others. Addressing conflict head-on and not hiding unpleasant feelings from those they care about helps them on their healing journey. Naturally diplomatic, Librans always see both sides of an issue. They become confused and find it hard to make decisions, especially without the input of others. Librans heal when they become more balanced mentally, emotionally, and physically. Achieving greater equilibrium helps them feel more grounded and enables them to make better decisions. Relationships help Librans heal because they value partnership and companionship. Librans heal when they begin to rely on themselves and realize they can do things on their own without a partner to guide them.

Aquarians are humanitarians, intelligent, and non-traditional. They enjoy challenging the rules and expectations of society. Shocking others and being unique and different can help them heal. Free-spirited, they dislike feeling tied down to others' expectations and traditions. Aquarians heal when they can connect to deeper feelings. Thoughts come easily for them, but not all problems can be solved with the mind. Overcoming detachment will help them heal relationships and show others they are not cold, unemotional or aloof. Serving a higher purpose, developing friendships, and being a part of groups helps Aquarians heal.

Geminis heal when they can learn to slow down and stabilize their restless energy. Taking a deep breath, sitting still, and quieting their minds creates an environment where they can get in touch with their inner feelings. They get distracted by the chatter of their mind and racing thoughts. Mentally, there is no other sign that can keep up with Gemini's stamina. Highly intelligent, they are natural communicators but find it difficult to talk about deeper subjects. Geminis heal by overcoming boredom and controlling the need to change direction without warning. Other people in their lives can become frustrated and feel that Geminis are unreliable. Healing relationships helps them feel less lonely. Social at heart, they need a variety of people around and dislike being alone. Finding stability and allowing themselves to express unpleasant emotions with trusted friends encourages healing.


Earth Signs
The earth signs Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus are hardworking and achievement-oriented signs. Always striving to attain success, they are focused on their goals and there is only one thing that can get in their way and that's unstable life situations. Being forced to do something, feeling caught off guard, and instability makes them experience emotions that can be challenging. The earth signs need to feel grounded, protected, and safe. Change is difficult for them and they crave practical advice, productive outcomes, and realistic solutions to life's problems.

Virgos heal when they start taking care of themselves and stop sacrificing their own needs to help others. Overcoming difficulties with telling people that they don't want to do something helps them heal. They love to be of service, and feel their best when sacrificing their time to provide practical support to anyone in need. The problem is that Virgos lack the ability to self-care due to a selfless nature. This personality trait can lead to burnout and compassion fatigue. Self-care is extremely important for Virgos, and spending time alone is critical for them to recharge their giving energy. Finding ways to relax, overcoming worry and anxious feelings, and experiencing solitude all help inspire greater healing.

Capricorns are success-oriented and achievement-focused. Working hard comes naturally, but relaxing or doing nothing is challenging. Capricorns heal when they get in touch with their emotional needs. Taking breaks helps them manage stress. Being extremely responsible from a young age, they have high expectations and take on too much. They have the material world figured out, but experiencing feelings can be difficult for them to accept. Repressing feelings and refusing to allow themselves to fully feel pain, loss, and grief blocks healing. Capricorns push forward distracting themselves with work, hobbies, and future goals. Focusing on work and their career is a way they avoid dealing with their problems. Capricorns need to learn to balance family time and work commitments. Getting away from responsibilities and taking family vacations are ways they can heal and recharge. Releasing their need to control others and controlling their own emotions will help them relax and heal.

Taureans are sensual, strong-willed, and comfort-loving. They heal by becoming more open-minded and less rigid. Taureans dislike loud noises, being rushed, or being forced to make decisions too quickly. Slow and steady is their motto. They heal when they allow the unexpected into their lives without resisting it. Change can actually pull them out of the rut they often find themselves in. Using food to cope with unpleasant feelings can affect their health. Clinging to the past, refusing to forgive, and not letting go prevent healing. Releasing material or emotional things helps them heal. Taureans dislike change more than any sign, but taking risks is good for them. They value security and stability. Practicing self-care activities that connect to their senses can accelerate healing. Aromatherapy, candles, neck massages, gardening, and walking in nature can all bring peace. Calm and grounded at heart, Taureans heal when they love, value, and accept themselves.


Water Signs
The water signs Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are known to be sensitive, emotional, and in touch with their feelings. Connected to the emotional undercurrents in the environment and natural empathic abilities enable them to absorb the emotions of others. The water signs need to implement self-care activities regularly. They heal by helping others and supporting their emotional needs. They are more in touch with their own emotions and benefit by learning to more grounded and practical.

Pisceans are the dreamers, mystics, and spiritual seekers of the zodiac. They heal by connecting to their creativity through art, music, and their vivid imagination. It is important for Pisceans to have a spiritual path. Finding a connection with a higher power helps them heal. Realizing they are a soul who is here for a specific purpose helps them overcome tragedy. Compassionately serving others comes naturally for them, but they also need to learn to help themselves. Developing strong boundaries and balancing an extremely giving nature helps them heal. Getting enough rest and sleep helps them overcome emotional depletion. Spending time alone and being able to withdraw from the world is one of the most helpful self-care tools for Pisceans.

Cancerians use their natural shell to protect their soft, vulnerable, and sensitive interior. Trusting others and allowing themselves to be more open with family and friends helps them overcome difficult life situations. Withdrawing and isolating themselves from the world are ways they avoid stress. Cancerians like to hide in the comfort of their own home, but it's important for them to go out into the world to serve. They feel things deeply and are known to be sensitive. Many Cancerians get their feelings hurt easily. Healing the past, especially childhood issues, help them heal and move forward as a stronger person. Nurturing themselves just as much as they nurture others will increase healing and help them balance their emotions. Cancerians are the emotional worriers of the zodiac and fret over those they care about. When they love you, they are known to smother and are overprotective. They heal when they trust others and the let go of their need to do everything for everyone else, especially their family.

Healing and transformation are associated with the zodiac sign Scorpio. Scorpios are known to be powerful, strong, and resilient people. They can struggle with loneliness by refusing to trust others. Scorpios repress feelings and even hide them in secret from those they care about. They do not want to appear weak and will work hard to portray a hard exterior. As a water sign, they are probably the deepest and most emotional zodiac sign. They are good at camouflaging feelings by cutting them off completely. Eventually their wounds will be triggered and they will need to heal unpleasant memories. Scorpios heal when they realize that it is not a weakness to show vulnerability—it's a strength.


All twelve signs are born with natural healing abilities. Tapping into core strengths helps each sun sign focus on what they do best. Connecting with their personality traits and utilizing these skills encourages healing. Healing our deepest wounds and past experiences transforms us and makes us more resilient. No matter how difficult life becomes, each of us can tap into our personality strengths and practically utilize them in our daily lives.



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