Evidence of Dragons

Skeletal remains of what seems to be an ancient Dragon found by a team of constructors, or it’s just a mere joke? This finding, in itself, was created by a team of constructors who cleared the Phoenix, Arizona site, aiming to have it all ready to construct the building on which they were commissioned to operate. That’s why they stumbled upon this huge skeleton they couldn’t even see at the moment. So, in order to obtain some answers as to what they first found, they contacted a variety of archaeologists to dig up the skeleton. As you can see from the pictures below, it seems like these are the skeletal bones of a huge dragon that has been stored in near-mint condition below this location. ANCIENT SKELETON DRAGON FOUND!! The notion of dragons has been permeating history itself for the longest time, but we have never seen any tangible evidence of their presence before. Essentially, this finding totally rewrites history as a whole, rendering it all the more clear that these mythical beings lived despite the history of history. Dragons have been extremely significant to the Chinese people in ancient times, when they are said to embody wealth, nobility, and wisdom all in one. This is not the only dragon that has been found, though, as this other almost similar skeleton was unveiled in China again in 2015. We couldn’t know if this was a true finding or if it was just a mere joke, but as far as we can tell, it’s real. (C) Ancient Files

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