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Did you know that the month of May is named after the goddess Maia, one of the Pleiades sisters? Maia is the daughter of both Atlas and Pleione, and has been known throughout history as a powerful symbol of motherhood, nurturing, growth, fertility, and abundance. Those who are born with strong aspects to Maia's energies have gone through journeys to cultivate similar themes of growth and abundance in their own lives. Maia was a much softer soul than her many half sisters (both the Pleiades and Hyades are all daughters of Atlas), and she chose to live in seclusion within a cave on Mount Cyllene in Arcadia. Zeus, known for being abusive toward all women, saw her and became enamored with her beauty. He used his tricks to seduce her, and Maia soon became pregnant with his child- Hermes. However, Maia was reluctant to reveal the identity of the father, feeling shame for being another of his victims, and so she retreated further into the cave to give birth in total isolation. Maia became a symbol of springtime and renewal, and is often invoked in rituals and celebrations associated with the changing of these seasons on the 1st of May: Beltane. Her story has endured throughout the centuries, inspiring countless artists, poets, and storytellers to pay homage to her beauty, grace, and resilience. In astrology, the star Maia is associated with earthy sensuality, stability, and love of pleasure. Souls born with conjunctions to Maia typically carry a deep appreciation for art, beauty, and material pleasures, as well as a desire for creating security and stability in their lives. The month of May was named after her in ancient Roman times as a way of honoring her influence over the earth's rebirth and renewal during the spring season, and is often associated with the blooming of flowers and the emergence of new life. In many cultures throughout the world, May is celebrated with festivals and rituals honoring the earth's renewal and the arrival of the summer season. The story of this goddess is a beautiful reminder of the power of growth and renewal in our lives, and the importance of staying connected to the natural world. If you resonate with Maia's energies, you may feel drawn to creative pursuits, sensual pleasures, and the cultivation of a rich and fulfilling life in harmony with the cycles of the earth. By honoring the energies and beliefs associated with Maia, we can tap into the abundant energies of the universe and use it to assist in creating a life that is truly fulfilling and meaningful. Maia (or 20 Tauri) sits at 29 ♉ 41 in Taurus, with a 1°10′ orb of influence.

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