The biggest reason I came back to the Ning web world is to create my own physically Written Akashic Record. This will be something, when the time is right, that I will be able to pass onto family and friends when the time of my transition draws near. I have had so many paranormal experiences that I’ve literally lost count over the years. However I was blessed with a pretty good memory and this is where I’m chronicling my past journey and future experiences. As I write these, and hopefully you read them, I am using a flash drive to copy these stories for anyone who finds them and cares to read them now and in the future.

     The reason I use Ning sites is because social media sites like Facebook try to cover everything in the physical messed up reality that we humans have created here on planet Earth. With these special sites that were created for exploring dimensions beyond the physical I can remain focused on what I’m relaying for future generations. And it also gives me a chance to hear and incorporate the thoughts of those of you who wish to add their own comments to my experiences here for future study by spiritually historical investigators or perhaps spiritual archaeologists if you like.

     This is an important record because we humans have already begun our spiritual ascension to a dimensional level that we have been working towards for thousands of years. Many of you may have made this journey before with a different species but every new race offers an expanded level of understanding within the realm of consciousness.

     If you’re wondering why create an Akashic Record when a spiritual one that records everything already exists? Because this is a bridge that connects the physical to the spiritual and it offers a road map for future generations, and perhaps even Alien races, to follow in their own quest to find infinity. And I now encourage everyone that reads this to consider adding their own written jigsaw puzzle piece to the one true source that we call, Eternity!



Bill Walker

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