Cat Color Symbolism In Dreams


Cat colors in your dream symbolize many things, so here is a list of meanings:


Black Cat

Black Cat is a good dream. This symbolizes your honest nature, your free spirit, and your playful personality.


White Cat

White Cat in your dream is a very good omen and represents all that is positive in the world—purity, clarity, and goodness.

You can achieve it with hard work if you truly desire it.


Brown Cat

Brown Cat in your dream is a good sign that signifies stability, earthiness, and groundedness.

You are comfortable with who you are and where you are going.


Orange Cat

The orange cat in your dream symbolizes passion and fire. A burning desire for something can be expressed through creativity or ambition.

It also represents the love of a child.


Grey Cat

This cat symbolizes a lack of confidence in decision-making and is often seen as a bad omen.

The dreamer may be feeling trapped in their current situation or relationship.


Tabby Cat

Tabby cat in your dream means good luck, prosperity, joy, and sweetness.

This cat is a symbol of purity and loyalty. This symbolism is good for those who love the cat, but can sometimes be a bad omen to those who don’t.


Persian Cat

Persian Cat in your dream means royalty, culture, and elegance. Cat is a symbol of wealth and luxury.


Tortishell Cat

Tortishell Cat in your dream means strength, independence, self-reliance, and good luck.


Calico Cat

Calico Cat in your dream means that you are open to change and new opportunities in your life.

Cat lovers may find themselves changing for the better as well, and there will be an increase in old friends in your life.



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