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  • There's your flying monkeys 

    The Wizard of Oz -- those Winged Monkeys terrified me; I think I was well into my teens before I ...

  •  Hello friends,
    The afternoon is setting in Brazil.
    In winter the days are very short.
    It gets dark early.
    Blessings to all!


    • Owner

      Good to see you Margarida!  HUGS!

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not sure how to use this site yet! reminds me a bit of myspace tho.
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The Celtics

Who were the Celts?

The Celts were a distinct ethnic group made up of tribes spread across Europe. They shared similar languages, traditions, religions, and cultural practices and were known for their fierceness in battle and the fact the…

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The elves are some of the most beautiful beings in Norse mythology......

In fact it is said that they are more beautiful than the sun. The elves lives in the realm of Alfheim one of the nine worlds in Norse mythology, the God Freyr is their…

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