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The outbreak of the novel coronavirus is a global crisis that’s significantly impacting all of our lives. As witches, we know that there is no separation from the material and spirit worlds. Our work for banishing, protection and healing involves both the mainstream practices, like social distancing and hand washing, and the deeper work of our witchcraft.

I’ve embedded links throughout this article to help you cope and stay focused on strengthening your mind, body and soul. Included are links especially relevant to those engaged with my courses and books. I’ve also included the components of our Keeping Her Keys COVID-19 altar comprised of releasing, protecting and blessing.

The practices and energy shared within this article are not substitutes for medical care. If you are suffering symptoms of the virus or may have been exposed, I urge you to seek the appropriate services.

Our Energy And Energy Intake

Perhaps as witches our greatest challenge is to manage our own stress and the energy intake that we absorb from others, not just during this outbreak, but overall in life. We are incredible powerhouses of our own energy, and we often “collect” other’s energy as well. This is awesome, except when it gets to be overwhelming and exhausting.

Deepening Prevention

Our efforts to stay safe and sane during this pandemic will naturally include the recommended preventative practices and, if necessary, the required treatments, that the mainstream health care system is prescribing.

We can deepen our prevention and healing practices through our witchcraft, working our magick to protect and ensure health, taking the medicine of our plant and stone allies, and leaning into the mystery of this time. There is much to feel, do and learn from this outbreak.

It Is Right To Be Fearful: It Is Our Right To Release The Fear

This crisis is frightening. That needed to be said. In a world where our emotions are often minimized, taking some time to honor the fearful emotions evoked is important.

If you’ve performed the Agape Phoberos Ritual, you’ll have tapped into the power of fear. In this ritual, you’ll also experience the way that agape – pure love – soothes our fears. Learning the power of our emotions, and how we can correct them through restorative words evocative of love, through this ceremony is an excellent ritual for anytime, but particularly now while we are so in fear, the corrective power of the love energies is potent. If you are feeling afraid, only doing the love ceremony will help immensely. You can find the Agape Phoberos Ritual here. 

Correcting an excess of fear is vital to managing any crisis. We can’t think, let alone connect to our deeper selves, when we are in a terror spiral. Honor your fears, then release them. They are not bad, but they must not remain in control.

Banish: Ritual For Releasing Fears

Cast your fears into this black bowl filled with sea salt for cleansing, layered with soapwort and juniper, plus a hunk of salt for added purification. One of the biggest challenges of this pandemic for us witches is that we can become incredibly stressed. This is for a multitude of reasons. We are, of course, concerned for our safety and health, as well as our beloveds.

In addition, because we are empaths, we can acquire the fears of others. We can also be attuned to the societal zeitgeist, the spirit of the times, which could make us quite terrified. Finally, many of us have lived through horrific events, rendering us even more sensitive to crises like this. There is nothing inherently wrong with any of these experiences. We are blessed to be able to feel it all, when so many humans feel nothing. We need not be bound by these fears. Writing or speaking your fears and concerns into the light of the screen or your notebook can burn away their power. We are so much more than these concerns of ours. Right as they may be, they do not control us.

Release your fears into this vessel, envisioning them being absorbed into the waiting plant spirits and salt. If you are able, offer this releasing energy to banish the virus from yourself, your beloveds, community and the planet. See the powers of the plant spirits in this bowl absorbing it all.


Release your fears so you can clearly cope with the situation

Absorbing The Energy Of Others

We need to stay informed about the pandemic as it evolves, both on the large scale and in our own lives. From shortages at the supermarket to cancelled travel plans, there are many minor hassles associated with it. Then there are the larger issues, like if the virus is impacting our work, education or social lives. We may have beloveds who have to change their behaviors to minimize risk. It is a moment in time that we need to be well informed yet not succumb to panic. This is a lot to manage.

In particular, being witches we are often sensitive to the general energy currents of society, as well as to those of individuals and organizations with whom we associate. Again, this is a lot to manage. This is where energetic shielding can really help.

Read my guide to shielding here.

Enforce Your Boundaries

Moreover, our energetic boundaries are incredibly crucial to our successful navigation of any crisis. We are dealing with our own hassles and fears, perhaps even a real risk of having been exposed. Plus, we are often compelled to be the caregivers of those around us who are also dealing with all of this. This is a direct challenge to our boundaries. We must be careful to not be so supportive that we drain ourselves dry.

You can read more about boundaries here.

Amplified Sensitivity Due To Previous Trauma

Additionally, we witches are often survivors of all manner of trauma. Not only does this result in poor boundaries, but also in us being hyper-responsive to threatening stimuli. Certainly this crisis counts as that. This is because our physiological fear system is always searching for any threats. Because of what was done to us in the past, in the present we can be forced into a huge reaction when we cognitively know that the threat to our safety is actually quite low.

Talking to those who are obsessing over the crisis and endlessly engaging in the news about the virus will be very triggering to a witch who has a hard-wired trauma response. Limiting our exposure to such things is a necessity. That is a boundary we must enforce, lest we be pummeled into a deep spiral of distress.


Explore more about healthy vulnerability here.

Protect: Candle For Preventing Harm

The sacred fire of protection is freely offered from this candle. Draw the energy from this candle all around you to boost your awareness of the risks and to enhance your immunity. Envision the flame surrounding you, your beloveds, community and the world, if you are able. I’ve anointed this candle with a blend of agrimony, black cohosh, dandelion root, eucalyptus, slipper elm and yarrow. All are protective in general, and specifically for calming thoughts and protecting the respiratory system.


Create your own COVID-19 Protection Candle by anointing one with protective plant medicine. The botanicals used are also part of a family recipe for a respiratory ailment fighting infusion. It is resting on top of pink quartz


Dissolving The Stress Spiral

If you find yourself in a spiral, which is practically to be expected given everything that is going on, I’ve included some ways to use our breath to loosen the spiral gently, creating space within it to break its stranglehold on us.

The Animarum Nyssa, known as the Unifying The Three Selves Meditation and The Sacred Seven can be listened to further down in this article. You can also do the Hekate’s Breath Chanting which will quickly dissolve that spiral, it’s linked below.

Quick fix: draw your breath in slowly in a controlled manner until your belly is full. When it is as full as possible, hold your breath right there. While holding your breath, recite in your mind, “I am safe. I am healthy. I am whole.” Exhale in a slow and controlled manner. Do this at least three times or until you feel better. There are days I do this for 30 minutes.

Breathe, witches. It really is all about the breath. Through our breath we release, protect and bless.

Bless: Healing Through Sacred Smoke

The sacred smoke offered consists of bay, lavender and yarrow surrounded by pink quartz. Take what you need to restore your own state of wellness; the abundance of bay, the calm clarity of lavender, and the well-being wonder that is yarrow. If you are able, draw the smoke deep into you, then extend it to your beloveds, community and the planet. If you can, add your own healing energies into this smoke, strengthening this offering, directing it to those in need after you have received your fill.


May this bless you with calmness of mind, wholeness of body and kindness towards others


The COVID-19 Altar: Release, Protect And Heal

I made this as a silent video so you can add your own ritual while attuning to the energy offered.

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