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We are going through a lot of expansion fast.  The next two weeks will be so powerful.  If you have felt like your waiting on something, these are the energies to be making things happen in. 

The Summer Solstice is the 21st.  Expect things to open up so much energetically in the next two weeks.  We are on an official count down til the Solstice.  This is a magical time where spirits and fairies are able to cross easier into the human world.  It’s a time to really connect with the spiritual as the veils are thin.  That means we have so much coming through right now.  The veil gets thinner during this time, but stays thin into Winter.  That means the spirit world is merged a little extra with our own right now. 

Expect a lot of spirit activity as their world collides with ours.  This could be seeing spirits, sensing something, feeling things, or even just waking up more during the night.  Your loved ones will be around you the next 2 weeks, as during this time they can enter our world more easily.  They will walk among us during this Gateway.  Spirit may be trying to get your attention right now.  You may be getting straight messages, you may just be getting goosebumps, or be thinking of them.  Ways your picking up on them around you. 

Just as we are connected to certain souls in life, so are we in death.  They continue to connect with us, guiding us from the other side.  That means there is way more going on and coming through with the spiritual.  Right now we are doing a lot of clearing as we prepare for the Solstice.  That means lots of energies flying around.  You may want to do extra protection work.  The light of the Solstice is going to be bringing powerful activations.  Expect the next 3 weeks to bring some powerful DNA upgrades.  That’s why the Solstice is such a powerful time to be doing healing and activation work.

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