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After the recent passing of my mother, following a discussion I had with my aunt (her younger sister), I descided to attempt to reconnect with my spiritual nature. My aunt would recall how I would ramble on about my past life and all the dead people I would see. Most of this happened before I was 6 and frankly I dont remember much of it. I do remember enough that I dont like going to funerals. 

Over time I think I became numb to my spiritual nature which I gather is not uncommon. As a child I was really into meditation( something I picked up from acting school) so I've begun to return to my roots

It sdidbt take long for me to neet my first spirit guide. She cane to me so quickly that a mental image of her is burned in my memory. She is a hoot.

Recently l meet a second spirit guide. The encounter was far more suttle. I had a quick flash of a child like entity that I first thought of as feminine. On further reflection I have no reason to think so. The only thing I saw was a face. I knew there was a close connection however I dont know much else. 

So, I know that I shouldnt assume thst the small stature corralates to age. However I'd like to know if anyone more experienced can offer comment or insite to help me understand my second guide. 



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