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We reflect on what these shiny surfaces reveal, from the curse of Narcissus to an experiment you can try at home—if you dare.

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  • I agree that we are looking for potential treaths, but there are protective ways magicians use these mirrors. It could be an aspect of yourself but everything could be you within your own mind.. don't use something if you don't trust it but I have found them be magical,,, especially in divination,, 1/3rd of our brain is being used just to see , so it would make sense. Evolutionary or by personal experience that this is a great method of communication 🦄🦜🎱🎩

    • Owner

      Thanks for the feedback.  I have never thought of a mirror as good or bad and certainly not sinister but it makes ya think...

    • If I remember, there was a skeptical comment,, you see in the mirror what you imagine as a threat,,, I never had a bad experience,, not too bad lol,,, if the mirror is a reflection of yourself then any and all aspects would be viewable just as anything could happen in dreaming. Technically your seeing the past too,, light travels a billionth of a second and thebrain reinterprets the electric magnetic impulses,,makes ya think..

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