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The Best Crystals for Each Zodiac Sign


MAY 12, 2022


Crystals can be a great way to amplify or support our energy throughout the day. We can carry or wear them, incorporate them into self-care regimens, use them in meditation or rituals, or set them out around our homes. Deciding which crystals to work with is important as each resonates at a different frequency, aligning with and shifting your own internal energetic vibrations.

There are different ways to approach finding which crystals are best—you may feel drawn to certain colors (like blue or pink) or textures, or you could select a stone that helps with a particular healing focus, such as rose quartz for the heart or black tourmaline for protection. Another way, which we will explore in more detail here, is to choose a mineral or stone that speaks to the particular strengths or needs of your zodiac sign. 

Working with Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Before choosing the crystals for your zodiac sign, you’ll need to get clear about what energy you’d like to strengthen or balance out. First, know that there is so much more to your astrological constitution than just the sun sign you were born under! There are many online sites that allow you to map out and access your birth chart for free, and I would recommend doing that so that you get a bigger picture on the snapshot of the skies and understand what the planets were up to at the moment you made your grand entrance into the world.

The “big three” signs to check out are your sun, moon, and rising signs, although learning more about your Mercury, Venus, and Mars signs can offer helpful insights as well.

—Your sun sign refers to the constellation that the sun was in at the time you were born and speaks most to your core identity. Crystals for your sun sign will help you work at the level of your identity and understanding of yourself.

—Your moon sign is determined by which part of the skies the moon was in at your birth and refers most to your inner/emotional world. Choosing stones for your moon sign is great when you need vibrational support at the emotional level.

—Lastly, the persona you project outwards is determined by your rising sign, the part of the sky that was ascending over the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. The rising sign can reflect the qualities that people most readily associate with you. Crystals under your rising sign will help you work with the energies relating to how you come off to others, present yourself in the world, and play with the vibrations of your “personal brand.”

Once you know your sun, moon, and rising signs, consider how these energies are working for you at the moment—are you feeling restricted, limited, or challenged by your identity, inner world, or persona and finding the need for greater balance? On the other hand, do you want to strengthen and solidify these key qualities or find a way to express them more clearly?

We’ve put together a few suggestions of crystals that you can use to amplify or strengthen the qualities of each sign, as well as a few that will help you balance out any excessive expressions of them. Of course, you might want to incorporate crystals for all three!



Element: fire

Ruling planet: Mars

Governs: the realm of self, identity, and personal expression

In balance: ambitious, driven, confident, courageous, assertive, optimistic

Out of balance: egoic, selfish, impulsive, quick-tempered, know-it-all, competitive

Crystals to strengthen Ariesred jaspercarnelianbloodstone

Crystals to balance Aries: An overly confident and head-strong Aries can learn a lot from Libra’s careful consideration of others. Try amethystselenite, or green aventurine.



Element: earth

Ruling planet: Venus

Governs: the realm of material comforts, resources, and value

In balance: attuned to aesthetics/pleasure, comfortable, financially stable, steady, loyal

Out of balance: immovable, clingy, overly indulgent or addicted, hoarding, judgmental

Crystals to strengthen Taurussmoky quartzamazoniteonyx

Crystals to balance Taurus: Taurus can get a bit too comfortable and static, so tuning in to the complimentary world of transformational Scorpio can be nourishing. Try amethyst for temperance, black tourmaline, and the revolutionary moldavite.



Element: air

Ruling planet: Mercury

Governs: the realm of technology, communication, and intellect

In balance: innovative, expressive, curious, skillful, intelligent, quick-witted, light-hearted

Out of balance: inconsistent, gossipy, unreliable, two-faced, untrustworthy, detached, short attention span

Crystals to strengthen Geminilapis lazuliblue sodaliteagate

Crystals to balance Gemini: Gemini can find perspective and contextualize their understanding with crystals that strengthen the opposing sign, Sagittarius. Try blue lace agateshungite, and malachite.



Element: water

Ruling planet: Moon

Governs: the realm of the home, family, and roots

In balance: caring, compassionate, loyal, devoted, emotionally intelligent, intuitive, secure

Out of balance: clingy, holds grudges, defensive, unforgiving, possessive, smothering

Crystals to strengthen Cancermoonstoneselenitelabradorite

Crystals to balance Cancer: overly emotional Cancers can find greater stability when tapping into Capricorn’s skill for boundaries and no-bull energy. Stay grounded and focussed with garnetblack tourmaline, and carnelian.



Element: fire

Ruling planet: Sun

Governs: the realm of fun, pleasure, exploration, and entertainment

In balance: warm, courageous, performative, vivacious, encouraging, playful, friendly

Out of balance: overly proud, self-obsessed, dramatic, opinionated, arrogant

Crystals to strengthen Leocitrinecarneliantiger’s eye

Crystals to balance Leo: Leo can benefit from shifting the mind away from the pleasure-seeking present to visions of the future and beyond with Aquarian energy stones such as selenitefluorite, or celestite.



Element: earth

Ruling planet: Mercury

Governs: the realm of health, daily routine, self-care, employment

In balance: health-oriented, concerned, practical, diligent, skillful, responsible, helpful

Out of balance: perfectionist, critical, sets unrealistic expectations, disappointed, frustrated

Crystals to strengthen Virgojasperfluoriteamber

Crystals to balance Virgo: Virgo can do well to set down some of the heavier practical burdens by tuning in to their more spiritual side with dreamy Piscean stones such as kyaniteangelite, or larimar.



Element: air

Ruling planet: Venus

Governs: the realm of partnerships, agreements, equality

In balance: cooperative, justice-oriented, intellectual, aesthetically talented, considerate, diplomatic

Out of balance: ambivalent, indecisive, people-pleasing, controlling, rigid

Crystals to strengthen Libraamazonitelapis lazulihowlite

Crystals to balance Libra: shift out of the indecisive air energy with stones that enhance some of Aries’ self-assuredness, such as tiger’s eyecarnelian, or sunstone.



Element: water

Ruling planets: Pluto, Mars

Governs: the realm of sex, death, and transformation

In balance: psychically attuned, deep, sensual, mysterious, creative

Out of balance: suspicious, vengeful, secretive, jealous, resentful

Crystals to strengthen Scorpiomoldavitekyaniteunakite

Crystals to balance Scorpio: slow and steady Taurus energy helps watery Scorpio stay grounded and in tune. Try working with smokey quartztourmaline, or garnet.



Element: fire

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Governs: the realm of higher learning, travel, exploration, purpose

In balance: curious, adventurous, adaptable, flexible, independent, fascinating, honest

Out of balance: flighty, unreliable, unstable, chaotic, sharp-tongued

Crystals to strengthen Sagittariusaventurinelepidolitemalachite

Crystals to balance Sagittarius: while both signs are mentally agile, Gemini’s everything goes, open-minded air energy can balance Sagittarius’s tendency towards tunnel vision or fundamentalism. Try larimarclear quartz, or amethyst.



Element: earth

Ruling planet: Saturn

Governs: the realm of reputation, achievement, and ambition

In balance: focussed, goal-oriented, resilient, strong-willed, competent, hard-working

Out of balance: workaholic, materialistic, cutthroat, controlling, overly serious, pessimistic

Crystals to strengthen Capricornlepidolitegreen jadetiger’s eye

Crystals to balance Capricorn: smooth out the rigid edges of Capricorn’s energy and try a little tenderness by choosing stones that bring in some of the intuitive, fluid nature of Cancer. Try soothing sodaliterose quartz, or celestite.



Element: air

Ruling planet: Uranus, Saturn

Governs: the realm of friends, community, society, and networks

In balance: visionary, free-spirited, innovative, revolutionary, humanitarian, connected

Out of balance: ungrounded, self-righteous, overly opinionated, rule breaker, angry

Crystals to strengthen Aquariuslabradoritemoldaviteaquamarine

Crystals to balance Aquarius: incorporating crystals that enhance the complementary energy of sunny, optimistic Leo helps to align Aquarius’ lofty visions with the power of the present. Try working with yellow jasperamber, or carnelian.



Element: water

Ruling planets: Neptune, Jupiter

Governs: the realm of spirituality, life lessons, and the unconscious

In balance: imaginative, intuitive, emotionally intelligent, creative, expressive, empathetic

Out of balance: emotionally manipulative, delusional, ungrounded, impractical, naive

Crystals to enhance Piscesangelitekyanitesodalite

Crystals to balance Pisces: while it’s great to be a dreamer, remember that dreams also need to be grounded to become fully realized in the 3D. Virgo’s practical nature helps Pisces stay even-keeled and a bit more realistic. Try smoky quartzpetrified wood, or jasper.


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