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Planetary Magic 101: What is Planetary Magic?


When we speak of planetary magic; then there are several concepts that can come to mind. What I am specifically talking about, is the type of magic where you call on and use the energies of one of the seven traditional planets in order to gain a certain effect which corresponds to that said planet. This specific model was especially popular during the Renaissance.

What I am not talking about is:

  • Calling on planets whenever you feel like it.
  • Worshipping the planets as deities.
  • Magic based on pure intention and manifestation like the LoA or Chaos Magic.
  • Thelemic/New Age ceremonial magic without astrological timing, which is sometimes also errenously dubbed “planetary magic”.

This post is the first post for my series Planetary Magic 101 and serves as a basic introduction to planetary magic.

Planetary Magic = Timing & Properties!

There are two main aspects to planetary magic; which are planetary properties and astrological timing - both of which I will go into more in-depth in future posts. Planetary properties can be used in your everyday life without doing any ritual. For instance you can wear a mercurial crystal to help you with speech.

Astrological timing is the one aspect that makes or breaks a spell, ritual or talisman within planetary magic. This is probably also the most important aspect of planetary magic – without actually timing your spell or ritual with astrology, it’s not really planetary magic.

In order to start using planetary aspects within your magic, the best place to start is also the most important – the timing. You can start out by simply timing some of your rituals and spells with the planetary hours and days! For instance if you’re doing a money spell, you can time it with the hour and day of Jupiter to amplifly this spell in the most simple way possible – and you’re already doing planetary magic to a degree, even if it’s just in its most simple forms.

After you are comfortable with this, you can go deeper into actual planetary rituals, spells and talismans like the planetary squares. Those usually require even more precise astrological timing than just using the day and hour of the planet you’re working with; so full-on planetary rituals, spells and talismans are no beginner type of stuff. So if you are not well-versed in traditional astrology, then you should keep it at the days, hours and maybe moon phases for now.

Don’t be afraid to use apps for the planetary hours! I myself use AstroVizor, which is available on Android and iOS.



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