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Passing on your work and books

Dark Greetings my brothers and sisters,


I have a question that I am probably going to get all kinds of answers to.  Or responses to.  

I had a collection of huge binders of all kinds of info, calling them extensions to my main BOS.  I looked through them and realized I had a lot of duplicate info and a lot of it I can find online.  I kept my own work and passed on the binders to an up coming witch who is now on here in this group.  I also went through my books and realized I had a lot of books I could let go of but kept the ones that are dear ot my heart and are still what I am interested in and books that have the same info in them and then gave those to this same young witch.


I still have a million books lol that are most improtant to me and still have my BOS that really matters to me.  So what are your feelings about me doing this?  I chose a special person to give them to.


Mystic Lady Wisdom

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  • Even though this reply comes a year later, I feel that I have something to contribute in that I am at a stage in life where I've come to realize that I have a lot of stuff. Most of which I have a sentimental connection to. However I dont really "need" them. 

    By and large, many og the books and pictures I have simply record my lifes journey. Personally, I rarely revisit them. It occurs to me that, once I read your post, I started thinking about the idea of handing off my stuff to someone special who might benefit from looking at what I've done and maybe walk in my shoes for a bit.  

    I guess Im saying that sharing your lifes work is probably one of the greatest gifts that you can bestow. 


    just my 4 cents

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