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The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is exact on April 12, but the energy is active a couple of weeks before and after. The two planets meet in Pisces, so it’s all about expanding your spiritual awareness, and it activates your Third Eye Chakra.


More Than Meets the Eye: How to Open Your Third Eye Chakra


Have you ever had a “gut feeling” about something – an intuitive instinct that surpassed logic or reason, but just felt right? If you’ve ever experienced this, chances are that you were seeing things with your third eye, your center of intuition and spiritual wisdom. It’s through the third eye or ajna chakra that we’re able to see beyond the physical world and into the realm of Spirit – a realm that holds more meaning, mystery, and magic. In this blog, More Than Meets the Eye: How to Open Your Third Eye Chakra, I’ll show you how to activate your third eye and open up to realities beyond our world of space and time.

Take a moment to pause and look at your surroundings. When observing the world around you, take note of whether you rely primarily on physical or spiritual sight. Though practical, focusing too much on the physical world can often lead to the feeling that life is dull and uninspiring. If you ever feel hazy or unfocused – like your vision is lackluster and clouded – your third eye may need clearing. When you activate your third eye, everything comes alive with more color and significance, and you awaken to the truth that there is so much more than meets the eye.

The third eye and the pineal gland

The third eye is also known as the pineal gland. The pineal gland is an endocrine system organ deep in the center of the brain, and it’s tiny – approximately ⅓ inch long. The word “pineal” is from the Latin “pinea” meaning pine cone – the anatomical shape of the pineal gland. The significance of the pineal gland has been suppressed for ages, and its divine purpose is now mostly dormant. It was once a powerful tool for seers and sages of all kinds. The Egyptian Eye of Horus literally represents the pineal gland.

The pineal gland is the organ of universal connection – it’s the space between us and Source and connected to everything psychic including, but not limited to, lucid dreaming, clair-senses, intuition, telepathy, and astral projection. The third eye is our source of ethereal energy and how we see, or more accurately sense, the true world beyond our human eyes. We talk about the “bending of time” in the metaphysical world, and the pineal gland is the regulator of time. It regulates time in a physical way, like our sleeping, waking, and sexual maturation and decline. The pineal gland also regulates, or is our gateway, beyond time. If something regulates time, by natural law it also regulates the opposite or polarity: Timelessness. The pineal gland is the doorway to unlimited perception, without boundaries, where wisdom is readily available beyond all space and time.

Third eye-opening crystals


The Vikings used iolite to help them “see” their voyages in their third eye before leaving the shore. This gem provides direction and clarity during travel – whether physical or spiritual. It provides guidance for sacred and divine peace and helps you bridge your intellectual mind with intuitive knowing. This stone is also useful for channeling visions of past lives. It helps you trust your inner wisdom and see what lies ahead so that you can act in accordance with your highest good.


Azurite is a third eye stone of psychic mastery, intellect, vision, and confidence. This gem is often referred to as a Priestess Stone – it was even prized by Cleopatra and famed clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, who believed this stone to enhance supernatural powers. Azurite also cleanses the subconscious of emotionally charged thoughts and negative feelings. Its deep, primordial energy is uniquely feminine.


Labradorite is a third eye-opening gem of new beginnings, hope, possibility, and imagination. This stone is associated with the new moon – a time of unlimited possibility. It kindles your inner fire like the brilliant fiery flashes of color that sparkle from its darkness. Work with labradorite to deepen awareness, enhance visioning, sharpen your focus, and open your senses. Like The Hermit in the tarot, labradorite helps light your path to see your way through any challenge.

Third eye-opening essential oils

Working with essential oils is another powerful way to activate your third eye. Essential oils like eyebright, juniper, mugwort, blue lotus, jasmine, and sandalwood are powerful third eye activators. Experiment with perfume, diffuser blends, candles, and incense made with these oils – and check out my collection of hand-crafted third eye perfumes here.

Third eye color and goddesses

Indigo is the color of the third eye chakra. It’s a color of wisdom and inner knowing that opens the doorway to extrasensory perception. Just adding more of that color to your life activates this energy center.

Pythia, Circe, and Hecate are third eye goddesses you can work with by learning their stories and embodying their qualities. Pythia, or Oracle of Delphi, was the title of the high priestess of the Temple of Apollo. It was believed she channeled prophecies from Apollo himself while in a deep trance. People came from all over the world to ask the Pythia questions about the future, and her answers could determine anything, from when to plant crops to when to declare war.

In Greek mythology, Circe is a powerful sorceress, skilled in herbs and potions with the power to transform her enemies into animals. She represents possibility and magic and is often shown with a wand or staff, ready to summon the great forces of nature and power. Hecate is the Greek goddess of the in-between, the place between life and death, and acts as the guardian of the crossroads. Her gifts are transformation and release, and she stands at the gateway into new possibilities and opportunities. Hecate is often depicted with a torch, bringing light and wisdom to the world, as well as keys to open the gates between the worlds and access the hidden knowledge beyond.

Open your third eye with DMT, meditation, and divination

The third eye, or pineal gland, is shown to contain DMT, a natural psychedelic substance and what some call “the spirit molecule.” It’s fitting that we find DMT here – the doorway to God from within. By activating your third eye, you open a window into the spiritual world, where the self is inseparable from Spirit – and this sense of cosmic oneness brings peace, clarity, and purpose.

To open your third eye, meditate with your third-eye opening gems and essential oils. You can also listen to third eye-opening music or work with sound bowls tuned to third-eye opening frequencies. As you meditate, close your eyes and attune to the energy around you. Go beyond how things look – how do they feel? Be sure to keep a journal close by to write down any visions that come to mind. You can also keep your third eye crystals at your bedside, to receive spiritual messages in dreams.

We’re often taught to search for answers in the external world – to look to numbers, figures, and facts – but some of the most valuable knowledge comes from within, and in the spaces in between what can be tangibly seen, touched, or defined. As you activate your third eye, repeat the following affirmation and know that infinite worlds of magic and wisdom are available to you, just waiting for you to tap in:

I am in alignment with universal wisdom.

I trust my intuition and follow it with ease.

I have a clear vision of my spiritual path.

I can see the light within every soul,

and I am a conduit for divine truth – today and always.

And so it is.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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