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9851599480?profile=RESIZE_400x December will bring us a Solar Eclipse, the 12:12 Portal, Comet Leonard, The Geminids Meteor Shower, The Christmas Cold Moon, the Solstice, and Yule.  Expect big energies, that may be slightly dramatic.   Major moves in the energy.   Enough momentum to both be closing out and opening new energetic cycles. 


December 4th brings us our Sagittarius New Moon.  This is also an extra dramatic Total Solar Eclipse.  It’s also the final eclipse of Eclipse Season.  This Solar Eclipse will align with Mercury.  Because of this connection your words will have extra power.  That makes it an amazing time to manifest.  The 12:12 Portal will be huge.  December will bring huge DNA upgrades.  The 12:12 Portal will carry many codes that we need for our spiritual awakening.  The 12:12 Portal is meant to help you find your twin flame.  It’s a reminder that you may meet them in the most unexpected way. 


Comet Leonard is going to start to be visible the 9th.  It’s going to pass by Earth on the 12th and be at it’s maximum brightness.  Its expected to pass by on the way out of our Solar System.  This is expected to be a one time visit, and the brightest Comet of the year.  Expect it to align perfect with the 12:12 Portal.  Sparks will fly. 


We also have the Geminids Meteor Shower.  The Geminids Meteor Shower is active from Dec 4th to the 17th.   It will peak the 14th.  That means it will also be kicking off in alignment with the 12:12 Portal.  This adds some extra magic to the energies. 


Dec 18th Is the Gemini Full Moon, or the Cold Christmas Moon.  It may look small to us, but It’s the closest of the year.  This one will be 10% closer, making it 10 times stronger.  This Moon will align with the Solstice.  The Solstice is the longest night of the year.  It will be bringing some of the most spiritual energy of the year.  It’s also the point that we shift into Capricorn Season.  The Winter Solstice is an important Gate for Ascension.  We will really be feeling the energies of the Solstice for 3 weeks before, and after.  That means things begin to open up for the Solstice next week.  Expect huge influxes of energy with this one.  The theme for December and Sagittarius Season is taking back your freedom.  The Universe is always supporting us in the process to.  You may be guided to move on from situations you may have outgrown.  This will be a major theme as we move closer to 2022.

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  • December is kicking off with Neptune about to shift direct in Pisces.  Neptune has spent almost half the year retrograde.  Neptune has been retrograde since June, and shifts direct Dec 1st.  Pisces is Neptune’s element.  Some of you may feel this transit deeply as this God is being received home.  Pisces both reinforces the spiritual and the illusion.  Pay attention to your dreams and guidance coming through during this time.  It’s important to be both looking deeper and feeling out things.  This transit means all of those manifestations and dreams you have been putting out there are about to materialize.

    Venus shifts retrograde Dec 19th.  That means we are feeling the shadow period creeping up.  All star signs are going to be feeling this one.  The Goddess goes into a storm.  The focus right now is on relationships.  Some people think this causes issues in your love life.  Venus Retrograde can push you to clear any relationships that are not good for you.  It’s meant to change the flow of energy, taking you into a deeper alignment.  Venus Retrograde tends to bring good things too.  It can bring your Twin Flame into your awareness.  This Sagittarius Season is all about letting go of old limitations.  The light of the Solstice will be making it easier for many of you to find the path home.  You may be feeling that your here for something so much bigger then yourself.  You may even feel like something big is about to happen.  Sagittarius Season is great for sparking that flame, or even in sparking up your inner magic.  We have some powerful alignments coming at us, that are moving us towards a new beginning.   

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