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We have some powerful incoming waves of plasma energies streaming in from the Sun and our Central Sun.  We also have a full-halo CME heading directly towards Earth. This one hit us March 13th,and an Astroid just hit Earth. The rest of March is going to bring the Solar Storms. 

These energies are bringing there own set of Solar Codes.  That means our bodies are having to get used too these high frequency energies.  This month brings some major Light Body Activations.  We are receiving a huge influx of Light Codes.  These contain the building blocks of the New.  Your energy is expanding.  We are in the process of anchoring more light into the physical body.  Your DNA is also activating and clearing the debris from within. 

March 20th is the Equinox.  The Equinox is a Powerful Cosmic Portal.  On the Equinox the Sun will cross the celestial equator.  This opens up cracks in the Earth’s atmosphere from the build up of energies.  As it does the Planet is flooded in light.  We are going to see a huge influx of Galactic Energies over the next few weeks. 

We are experiencing a collective spiritual awakening from within these energies.  As your body is integrating all of these Ascension Energies it’s purging out any negativity.  Your being made aware of any negative or toxic thought patterns.  There are deep rooted blocks that may be coming up to clear.  We are seeing any traumas or illnesses being pushed up to the surface for healing.  There is a deep healing that is taking place within these Energies.  You may be processing and feeling these energies in different ways.  You may be feeling emotional, dizzy, fatigued, having sleep disturbances, headaches, nausea, stomach issues, flu like symptoms, anxiety, depression, increased sensitivity, ringing in the ears, aches and pains, or feeling under pressure.  If you are having physical ascension symptoms doing some type of Energy Work will help.

Expect a huge influx of energies as we prepare for the Equinox.  The Planet is getting increasingly chaotic within these energies.  That’s why it’s so important to be doing the inner work right now.  It’s so important that we are tapping into more of our inner light.  The collective grids are being upgraded right now.  Earth is a powerful being that is activating.  Areas around the Earth’s chakras are extra active right now.  The sacred sites in these areas are coming online amplifying the energies of the global grid right now. 

Energy is flowing through the Planetary Grids like never before.  The grids are shifting in response to the new vibrations of the field of energy the earth is moving into.  This is an attempt to raise the frequency of the entire Planet.  As we are we are connecting with the Stars, other Star Systems, Planets, and Universes.  We are such a huge part of something so much bigger right now.  If you are a Lightworker or a Gridworker you will be feeling the energies a little extra right now, as your receiving extra activations.  It’s our job to anchor these energies and light codes we are receiving into the grid.  Gridworkers are meant to be helping in clearing the Earth Grids. 

March is bringing some powerful DNA Activations.  Our Divine Blueprints are coming online.  That’s why the Energies of the Equinox are so powerful to be using for healing.  We are experiencing a collective awakening.  As new dimensions are opening up you may be dreaming more, or traveling more in your sleep.  Your soul is resolving things, and learning on many levels.  You may be feeling extra serious right now, a desire to return home/ return to Source, confusion, dizziness, ear ringing, sleep issues, waking up at 3am, head aches or head pressure.  It’s so important that your putting your main focus on healing right now.  Your being guided to release any and all karma, and to heal any karma from within your ancestral lines.  See how your feeling in these energies.  These are Source Energies.  Let your body guide you through this Ascension Process.  It’s going to tell you where you have more work to do.

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