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Libra Full Moon Energy; Eclipse Season


This Libra Full Moon Energy is taking us into Eclipse Season.  It’s also helping us to clear things as we also prepare for Beltane, which is May 1st. 

This Pink Moon happens to also be the first Super Moon of the year.  This Moon is squared with Pluto making it a powerful time for the transformation/ rebirth we are going through.  Pay attention to the things coming up/ or coming into the light.  This is the best time to set intentions.  This Moon is bringing a major self care vibe.  It’s a great time to recharge.  This is an amazing time to be putting out ideas for your future/ path ahead. 

We are in the last few days of Aries Season.  The 19th we shift into Taurus Season.  Expect lots of Lyran/ Pleiadian Energies next week.  The 22nd we have a Lyran Portal, and the 24th we have a Pleiadian Portal.  This Taurus Season is all about relationships.  We are going to be feeling the Venus Energies.  Romance and beauty draws Taurus in.  If your in a relationship things may get physical. 

Your finances may be coming up for healing too.  If you have extra cash this is the time to invest it on yourself or your energy.  This is a great time to explore new foods, or to make changes around what and how your eating.  We are continuing to shift into new energies.  We are also opening up to these energies like never before.  In these energies we are working on releasing all karma from this life and past lives.  That’s why so much is suddenly coming up, or coming to the surface. 

We are also releasing any emotional, spiritual, and energetic blocks.  Lots of attachments to the material, and the physical are coming up.  Energy healing will help you so much with the process.  There is a clearing of connections occurring.  If your being treated badly, this is not the one.  These energies will be reminding you that your a King of Queen Or a Queen of a King and you deserve everything that comes with that.  This Eclipse Season will be either moving relationships closer together, or possibly moving some apart.  Eclipses are all about shifting you closer to your ultimate soul’s destiny.  It’s all about letting the Universal Energies work there magic.  It’s important that your trusting your path during this time.  Know that your wrote this story, that your living in, long before you incarnated into the physical.  You planned it down to the detail.  Stay open to the forces that are working on your behalf behind the scenes.

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