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How to contact a soul long dead

I'm not sure where I could ask this question here on the board, so I apologize of this isn' the correct place.

Since 2 years now I have the urge to contact a certain dead person, I feel such a longing and i miss that person, even though I never met the person. I can't give any further details, even if it sounds weird what I write. I have made contact in shamanic journeys and visualizations, or at least it seemed so, and it was the most wonderful feeling tot ake this person's hand, to be hugged, to feel the presence. Of course, that should be enough, but I'd like to make more, direct contact. Is that possible and how can learn that? Or am I on a wrong path here? It ist just such a deep longing, it almost hurts. And in connection with that I need to meet another peron still alive and I have no idea how to make this happen. We are in different countries and again that person doesn't know me. I had several dreams about all this and it nearly feels as urgent to meet that other person. I'm still looking for answers why this is kind of haunting me since two years, but maybe somebody could give me a hint on how and where to begin. Thank you.

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  • Hi, I'm a Psychic Medium and can advise that meditating and while meditating speak to the person who is in spirit, ask the questions you need answers to, be patient as it can take a bit of time. You'll know when you get your answer and you'll get used to recieving them. You could also ask the person in spirit for help making contact with the living person you want contact with.

    Please let me know how well it goes.


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    • Hi Sarah Jane, thanks a lot for your reply! I will certainly try this! I do shamanic journeying and this person is always there in my journeys, he is like a good friend (he gives me such a feeling of calm and trust and being safe, he really is my safe haven). I don't regard him as a spirit guide, rather than a spirit friend, but I have read that spirit can take on familiar shapes to get to us, so I'm not sure if it is him, but I really need to make contact to this dead person, that is why I asked. :)

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