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  1. prepare beforehand

    if you want to get the most out of your full moon, make sure you have a plan and have all the items you want. set up your sage, incense, journal and pick out a good spot outside or by a window. it will save you some time later on.

  2. carry moonstone with you throughout the day

    if crystals resonate with you consider carrying moonstone around with you. moonstone literally represents the moon and it’s stable circularity, so it can be a good reminder of calm in the full moon madness. pro tip: if you don’t want to have a lump in your pocket, put your crystals in your bra. #bracrystalgang

  3. sage the crap outta your space

    if you don’t have time for anything else, burn some sage. ceremonial smoke has been used to cleanse auras and energies for ages. light one end of a sage stick, and walk around your space, letting the smoke permeate every coner. while you do this, you can recite mantras such as “i clear this space of all energy that no longer serves me.” make sure to sage yourself too!

  4. do a quick tidy up

    the last thing you wanna do when you get home from a long day is clean, i get it.. BUT. full moons are all about releasing things not meant for you, and getting rid of clutter can free up some space in your mind. even just making your bed can improve your mental space drastically.

  5. journal

    remind yourself what you want out of this full moon. what has been holding you back? what behaviors, relationships and energies do you want to release out of your life? get it all out there. if you have time, write down all the things you want to release and light them on fire to visually let go of those things (make sure to have a bowl full of water around!)

  6. meditate with mantras

    the final thing i do before i snuggle into bed with some sleepy time tea is to meditate with a mantra. it doesn’t have to take super long, even 10 minutes gets you the benefits of a quiet mind. i like to make up a new mantra for every full moon based on where the full moon is in astrology, but here are some i’ve used in the past.

    everything is working out best case scenario.

    letting go is my divine purpose.

    i easily flow towards my dharma.

    the universe gives me what i need to grow.

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