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Egg Spell

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We all know we are now in Mercury Retrograde.  We need to watch what we say and do, electronics will act, well, screwy.  I have an easy egg spell that helps a lot.  It's fast acting, and I just used this the other day.  I use it when we are all screaming at each other, and everything seems to be going wrong.  It's quite fast acting and lasts a month or so, to my experience.  

Take one egg and write on it NINE TIMES, in all different directions, Negativity And Evil.  Take the egg and walk into the bathroom.  Flush the whole unbroken egg down the toilet.  Close the lid and walk out of the bathroom for a few minutes.

Eggs are very powerful, people forget or don't realize it. This spell can be used by anyone, atheist, buddhist, witch, hindu, anyone.  


Here is another one, I got this from a friend, but I have not used it yet.  I trust her, though.

Take an egg and hold it in your hands, take all the negative and bad energy in your body, and put it into the egg.  When you feel it is all in there, walk outside, dig a small hole and put the egg inside the hole.  Hit the egg and crack it, all the negative energy will flow into the earth and be healed.  Cover the egg.  My friend told me she uses a hard-boiled egg, and it still works.

This one is also good if you think you have been cursed or hexed.

  See the source image

See the source image


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  • i have tried this spell 2 times and both times I had to plung my toleit afterwards as the eggs got stuck in the "U" of the pipe.   Will breaking the egg on contact of the bowl of the toleit be okay as would not like to over flow my bathroom again.  TY

    • The egg will break when you flush.  I plunge after too, but I'm paranoid, and last time I really did have to help it.  I would think, if you crack it and put it in it would be okay, since it cracks on the flush anyway.  It would be worth a shot.


    • That's probably a good idea for preventing any plumbing issues.

    • I'm not sure. Linda would know about that.

  • Thank you for posting this and all the other ways to use an egg spell as well!

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