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Do you want to build a relationship with Spirit?

Do you want to strengthen your intuition and trust your inner voice?

A daily Tarot practice, is a powerful way to do all of those.

Here are my favorite rituals to support a Daily Tarot Practice…



So first and foremost, I like to meditate - ground and center!

Here's the quick version: Grab your cards and take a deep breath. You call yourself back into your body and into the present moment. If you want to go a little deeper, do five minutes of meditating. Focus on your breath: inhale, exhale. That's all it takes. 

I like to add on a grounding exercise where I imagined roots extending from the base of my spine going down into the earth, all the way to the center. It helps me feel anchored and supported by the Earth. Send down those roots any negative, dense, or stagnant energy. Draw up the roots the nourishing and supportive energy of the earth. 

In a pinch. I will “drop anchor.” I imagine a huge metal anchor chained around my waist, and I visualize it dropping down into the earth. It quickly makes me feel rooted, grounded, and anchored.

To ground and center, you can also do a mini chakra check-in by going through the different orbs of light: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white. Imagine polishing them and helping them spin and move. Then draw energy down from source and up from the earth. Feel it flow up and down, opening up and clearing that channel of energy. 

Again, all you have to do is take a deep breath.


When I come to my desk for my Morning Tarot Ritual, I often have a bit of clutter from the night before. So, I tidy up my desk to make sure there is space for the ritual. Then, I dive into energetically cleansing my space. 

My favorite is to burn magical/medicinal herbs: rosemary, cedar, white sage, palo santo. (Please be sure to buy ethically harvested herbs to prevent abuse of the plant.) It is important to state your intention to be rid of any dense, stagnant, or negative energy - including mindsets or negative self talk. Saying it aloud is best, because spoken words are true words. Move the smoke in a counterclockwise motion. Depending on how much cleansing your cards need, you may also want to go over the cards with the smoke. There is nothing like the smell of burning herbs to really shift into a magical mindset, but smoke is not necessary. You can use a spritzer, bells, or even the wave of your hand to energetically cleanse yourself and the space. 


The candle activates the sacred space and it helps the mind stay focused on your magical intent. As you light your candle, say what you wish to call in. It could be something like this, ‘I am open to the magic and wisdom of the Universe.” 

The other thing a candle does is act like a beacon - informing Spirit that you are open for magical workings. It’s like turning on the “open” sign at a business. Energetically you are saying to Spirit and the Universe, “I have my magical mindset turned on, and I am ready to receive your wisdom and guidance.”


For a long time, I didn't know what “dropping in” meant. I’m not sure if this is what other people mean, but this is my take on the term. 

Before I drop into the cards, I drop myself into the energetic field. In my mind it looks like a web of energy. It’s like a network of energetic strings that connecting us to all beings. I take a moment, and I imagined myself actively and consciously connecting to that network.And then, I pick up the cards. 

I make sure to say hello to the cards, like a little greeting, “Nice to see you.” To me, it’s important to enter into relationship with permission. If I feel/sense joy or consent from the cards, I hold them close and imagine plugging them into my energy, which is connected to the larger field of energy. I visualize folding them into my energy, almost like a figure eight, wrapping them into this interconnected network of energy and consciousness.


It’s important to move the cards, to “get the blood flowing.” This is the time when you want to direct your question at the cards. 

A common type of Tarot shuffling is a rough movement that almost looks like you are shaking the cards from one hand into another. This is called “overhand shuffling." I love this motion. It feels good. This is how I shuffle the cards informally. 

If you want to shuffle the cards more thoroughly, you want to use the “riffle shuffle” where you split the deck and thumb them back together.  This is especially good if you want to clear the deck of any patterns that have gotten stuck in the cards and you want to bring a fresh energy to the deck. 

“Smooshing” is another way of shuffling the cards. You spread the cards out on a surface and then mix them all up. There is no wrong way to shuffle them.


A lot of students ask me, ‘What’s the right way to pick a card?” I personally don’t think there is any one right way.

I was originally taught to place the deck on the table, and with my left hand - split it into three piles. Then restock the piles and draw from the top. I did that technique for many, many years - probably most of my years of reading Tarot. 

These days I fan the cards out in my hand and pick. There are two approaches to this. First, if you are still gaining confidence in your intuition, pick any card without worry. Just pick a card. Don’t think about it. Trust that synchronicity is leading you to the right card. The other way is to intuitively sense if there is a card that wants to be picked. Sometimes a card will get stuck and it’s like it’s saying, “Nope, not the card.’


Once you've got your daily card, it’s important to record it. This is how you learn and grow as a Tarot Reader. In the Daily Tarot Journal, there are pages for writing down your thoughts. These prompts help you check in with your intuition before jumping into research.

  1. What is your first reaction?

  2. What do you see / notice?

  3. What is the energy / vibe of the card.

There is space for research, AND there is box to reflect on how the card showed up during the day. 

The other way you can record your Daily Tarot Cards is the Tarot Patterns sheet, also in the Daily Tarot Journal. It lists all the different cards, and you can write the date when you pull a card. It allows you to see, over time, which cards are coming up over and over, and which cards are not showing up.


I always close with a little gratitude. Tuck the cards back in their bag / spot. Close up the sacred space by mindfully blowing out the candle.  Remember to hold the card in your mind throughout the day and remain open to the lessons of the universe and what it wants to teach you.


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