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The Akashic records are a compendium of all human knowledge that can be accessed on the astral plane. According to Theosophist philosophy, the Akashic records don't pass judgement or label actions as good or bad; rather, they simply state what has been. Knowledge of this "Book of Life" can influence our views of reality and serve as a tool of self-development.


Key Takeaways: Akashic Records

  • Modern practitioners believe the Akashic records can be accessed through prayer, intuition, and meditation.
  • The Akashic records are a collection of all of the thoughts, events, knowledge, and ideas that mankind has had since the beginning of space and time.
  • The concept of the Akashic records originated with Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophist spiritual movement.

What Are the Akashic Records?

According to followers of the Theosophic spiritual movement, which originated in the nineteenth century, all of the thoughts, events, and knowledge throughout the history of mankind are stored together in a massive cosmic compendium known as the Akashic records. Sometimes referred to as "The Book of Life," this collection of wisdom and ideas is seen as more than just a compilation of stored information. Instead, these records can be viewed as a guidance tool that can influence our thoughts, feelings, and views of reality.


Edgar Cayce, the famous clairvoyant and metaphysical teacher who is considered the founder of the modern New Age movement, said the Akashic records are God's book of remembrance:

Upon time and space is written the thoughts, the deeds, the activities of an entity – as in relationships to its environs, its hereditary influence; as directed – or judgment drawn by or according to what the entity's ideal is...

Some people believe the Akashic records are comprised of the energy that makes up everything in the universe, throughout all of space and time. This energy is called Akasha, a combination of the Sanskrit word ākāśa, meaning hidden or secret space, with the root word kāś meaning simply "to be."


All of this information is believed to be stored in the ethereal plane, a non-physical place which is part of the cosmic whole. Many people believe the Akashic records can be accessed by anyone, although there are some schools of thought that say one must be specifically trained to access this universal source of wisdom.


Of note, the Akashic records are, according to most practitioners, completely objective and unbiased. They don't focus on morality or judgement, or the labeling of things as good or bad. They simply record what has been, and what is.


The Akashic Records and the Theosophical Movement

During the late nineteenth century, a Russian immigrant named Helena Blavatsky came to the United States and soon found herself at the center of a new spiritual movement known as Theosophy. Drawing upon occult philosophies from Europe, Asian thought processes, and Western mystery traditions, the Theosophists believed that a secret cabal of spiritual Masters, centralized in Tibet, would some day bring back all of the great occult knowledge that the world had lost over time.


Blavatsky, who died in 1891, was a strong proponent of the Akashic records, which she referred to as tablets of astral light. Blavatsky's contemporary and fellow Theosophist, Alfred Percy Sinnett, later coined the term Akashic records, which is still used today.


In the early twentieth century, Austrian philosopher Rudolf Josef Steiner, also a Theosophist, took the concept of the Akashic records a step further. He founded a movement known as anthroposophy, which was heavily influenced by Blavatsky and the Theosophist teachings. Steiner maintained that his clairvoyant ability allowed him to access that Akashic records, thus giving him a storehouse of universal cosmic wisdom.


Steiner claimed to have, among other things, insight as to the life of Jesus Christ that are not recorded in the Bible, and referred to this information as the Fifth Gospel. Among other events, he said he had accessed an Akashic account of Jesus' life among the Essenes and an important conversation between Jesus and Mary.


Why Access the Akashic Records?

Today, many people are approaching the Akashic records as tools for personal growth and self-development. Intuitive teacher and author Linda Howe, who leads a class on accessing the Akashic records, says: "Today, the Records are no longer the exclusive domain of saints, scholars, and mystics. The collective consciousness of humanity has been growing, evolving, and maturing."


Modern practitioners, much like Blavatsky and her peers, can access the Akashic records by way of prayer, meditation, intuitive study, and working with spirit guides for assistance. There are a few simple steps you should keep in mind if you attempt to access the Akashic knowledge base.


Be clear about what you want to learn. It's a bit like going to a bookstore—are you just browsing, or is there a specific title you're seeking? Declare your intention—do you want to just explore, are you interested in learning about your past lives, or do you hope to speak with ascended Masters?


There's no one right way to access the Akashic records. Most people use prayer or meditation, but choose what works best for you. As you reach a settled, grounded state, allow yourself to be open to receiving the knowledge you might encounter. You might see figures or shapes, or written words, or you could hear voices speaking; some people believe this is contact from angels or spirit guides.


When you're finished—if you become restless or start feeling like nothing else is happening—be sure to write down everything you saw, felt, or heard. This way, you can go back over the information later. In general, it's agreed that the best results come from extensive practice and repeated efforts.


Spiritual intuitive and Akashic record teacher Bhavya Gaur says that accessing the records can help us heal and grow by providing us with the understanding we need to move forward in our lives. She writes that the records don't tell us what to do, they simply offer guidance from a place of compassion and love:

They empower us so we can create a change in our life, release self-limiting beliefs, transform relationships in our inner and outer Universe and embrace peace as a way of life.


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