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9979978878?profile=RESIZE_400xWelcome to a New Year! This year is going to be all about you.  Within these energies we have the potential to make some huge shifts.  Who you are at your core is changing.  You should be feeling a desire to become a better version of yourself.  You may be guided to make some big changes right now. 


 This week has brought a major recalibration.  This energy has brought both a completion of the old and a reset energetically.  You should be feeling all of the new energies.  This New Moon is bringing some major magic with it.  It’s the best space of the year to be leaving your intentions, or to be day dreaming about your goals now.  The energies of the 1/1 Portal were so powerful that they opened up a crack within the Earth’s magnetic field. 


  Earth is also passing through some cosmic debris right now from the Quadrantid Meteor Shower. This means we have extra light radiating in from the North Star.  As your integrating all of these energies make sure your really taking care of yourself right now. 

This is a great time to think forward on your year.  It’s the time to reignite any dreams you may have.  Where do you want the energies of 2022 to take you.  Are there places or experiences calling you? Things your waiting on? Pay attention to any ideas your having right now, and let them guide you forward on your path.  These energies are bringing us major glimpses of our future.

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