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9990425065?profile=RESIZE_400xWe have a Venus Star Point occurring tomorrow in the sign of Capricorn.  Venus will pass between the Earth and the Sun.  This is a magical day.  The planet of love aligns with our Sun.  This Venus Star Point is about to activate your finances and your love life.  Venus is in retrograde until Jan 29th. 


During Venus Retrograde a healing and clearing is able to happen.  This is a space where you are meant to reaccess your love life and finances.  If you have had old stuff coming up to deal with this is why.  Since Venus is in Capricorn it should be raising the bar in your love life.  You should be looking to the long term.  Make sure your picking a partner that is going somewhere. 


Things are shifting when it comes to how we are seeing things.  Many of you are seeing you deserve better in your relationships.  This energy is also all about the relationship you have with yourself, and how your taking care of yourself.  Your being encouraged to really change and heal yourself right now.  This is all about the work that your doing within yourself. 


This alignment is all about working on your energy and even investing in your energy.  This is a great alignment to use for clearing and healing old patterns.  This alignment is going to be bringing some shifts when it comes to money.  Are you being guided or encouraged to save money right now, or to even invest it in yourself or others.  This alignment is bringing a lot of healing for the root chakra and our relationship that we have with money.  We are being encouraged to access our finances and to even invest them in the New Earth if possible. 


This alignment is also meant to shine a light on your home.  Make sure your home is clean and decluttered right now.  This alignment may be bringing shifts when it comes to where your living.  You may be guided to move during this time or to just make some changes.  This star point alignment will open up new paths for you in love.  Expect some major heart chakra upgrades.  Many are opening up to, or preparing for Spiritual Union.  This year will bring some major relationship shifts.

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