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Many of you have been feeling the space storm energies.  Earth is currently still in a high speed stream of winds.  We have a CME headed towards Earth now.  Last night was quite strong.  We have had 6 solar flares kick off since yesterday.  Things have also been quite up and down, and in fact unsettled over the past day.  The energetic momentum is increasing.  Tomorrow we have a Cancer Full Moon which is brewing its own storm.  Many of you are feeling or tuning into a collective healing crisis, that has been coming out from these energies.  Welcome to the first Full Moon of the year.  The Moon loves to be in Cancer and is most at home in this sign.  That makes it at it’s strongest, and extra powerful. 


Jupiter is in Pisces making it great for manifesting.  These energies are all about abundance.  There is a deep cleansing that is happening.  Many may be experiencing an emotional release or just an emotional clarity.  Many of our issues may have been repressed, or may be lessons we are clearing from many lifetimes ago.  You are being made aware of the deeper patterns that you should be healing.  Many of you are here to transmute and clear the old.  The ultimate alchemy and magic is to channel these energies into something positive. 


It’s a powerful time to be learning how to work with the energies, or for those of you that can, to be helping.  Many of you signed up for missions of love and healing.  We are all adjusting to vibrating in these higher frequencies.  As we are, we are entering higher states, and becoming one with the big picture.  Your probably experiencing an increased awareness with your senses. 


We also have Venus and Mercury in Retrograde.  Venus retrograde is crashing in any illusions, and let it.  It’s meant to bring a healing to our love lives.  You may feel a little disconnected, or like you need extra alone time right now.  Retrogrades are meant to push you to connect on deeper levels with yourself.  Go within right now.  You may need to meditate a little extra.  It’s a good time to clear your energy or to find more balance.

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