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9931169679?profile=RESIZE_710xWe are moving through some powerful energies! Right now we are being flooded with a ton of Galactic Energies.  Many of them coming from the center of our galaxy.  These incoming light codes are creating big changes.  It’s being felt on every level, but how it’s being felt may be different for each person. 


If you are a Starseed you came to this Planet with a specific mission.  A bigger purpose or destiny to fulfill.  You hold the templates within, that’s why DNA activation is so important.  This solstice will help to awaken and activate these blueprints for many.  We have Galactic missions to assist coming online, and in big ways.  More and more are tapping into or tuning into this calling.  Some may even feel, or sense it as urgent.  We have lots of downloads coming in.  That means you may be getting new information. 


A huge expansion is occurring fast.  You should be having more clarity with your path, or just with what you want.  This is the best time to be tuning in for guidance.  This Solstice is bringing some huge third eye upgrades.  A chance for many to open or activate there third eye.  Multi dimensional realities are opening up.  This means new pathways are appearing.  Expect miracles in these energies, and big obstacles to be suddenly cleared or moved. 


More healing is happening in your sleep state as your being upgraded fast.  You may be having Galactic encounters.  This is to prepare people.  Things happen on other dimensional levels first.  You may be seeing symbols, colors, codes, or images.  Some of this is the activations that are occurring.  You may be becoming more telepathic.  How we process information will change ultimately.  You should be feeling a deep desire for love and healing.  We also have the inner Planets all preparing for a dance in the sky.  Let’s just say a lot is happening above.  Sirius is rising and we have the Ursids Meteor Shower adding to the Solstice Energies.

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  • I always see images, what I can't figure out is when I turn my head different ways, I see different images. Exhausted lately too, more than usual. 

  • Yes, I know what you are talking about here, thanks for this post!

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